ISTE SIGMS - Wild, Wild, Steampunk West: A Goldmine of Information!

If you're an educator in Second Life you can experience the 21st Century Library Media Center Playground also on the grid! Can't get to Denver but want to experience the 21st Century Playground? A duplicate and decidedly different set of kiosks have been created in Second Life to mirror those set up in Denver!

The informational kiosk topics are:
  • Libraries in Second Life
  • Whiteboards
  • Virtual Bldg
  • Glogster
  • Wikis
  • Twitter
  • Mobile Tech
  • Digital Storytelling

This year's theme is the Wild, Wild Steampunk West: the Victorian Denver Goldrush of Information featuring an in-world games and panning for gold!! Created by master builder Miss Eleanor Anderton (Linda Dougherty - RL) and Capt. Red Llewellyn (yours truly!) this build brings together the romance of the steam era and the modernity and Science! of the 21st Century!
When you visit, be sure to pick up your free gifts on the oceanfront patio! The souvenir ISTE SIGMS top hat that i created for this event and the beautiful ISTE SIGMS custom created garden clock by Miss Eleanor Anderton!

Visit the playground during ISTE 2010 in Second Life at or come by and visit the real world version in Denver!

To learn more about all of the exciting SIGMS Events at ISTE10 visit our wiki

For a slideshow of some of the highlights of this Second Life build, pray see below.


  1. Gwyneth: Great job on the playground! I'll be there for sure!


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