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Diigo iChromy for iPad + Angry Birds = Happy!

As much of a Mac fangrrl as I am, I've never been a Safari fan. I dunno why, it just never *felt* right. So it was Netscape...and then Firefox & Chrome. Of course the iPad only came with Safari so when I heard that Google Diigo came out with a FREE new browser app called iChromy which offers an identical browsing experience on your iPad with a smooth user interface, free apps, and some rather nice features - I was excited! When researching this I came across a great article on Cult of Mac : (link below) " iChromy’s attempt to mimic Google Chrome on the iPad makes it one of the nicest third-party browsers for the iPad I’ve used. One of its best features is its tabbed browsing: just like Chrome all of your tabs sit at the very top of the browser and it’s simple to switch between them and open & close individual tabs." SWEET! (Correction: In my excited reporting of this new APP I jumped to the conclusion that Google came out with this but it was the AWE

Vinyl Love App: Scratching Justin Timberlake

I can't help myself. I love me some JT. He brings my Sexy Back! (not that it ever left! ;-) ...But almost as much I love Justin Timberlake, I adore this new app that "plays" the vinyl records of my youth AND let's you "scratch" as if you had 2 turn tables and a microphone (Beck knows where it's at!)'s only $1.99! Thanks to my dear friends Joquetta Johnson & Donna Anderson - my Appolicious Queens of the i Pad I learned about this at the MSET spring board meeting last week! The pic on the right shows another cool feature! When choosing an LP you can "flip" through the albums in a milk crate of all your iTunes music! No need to import the App finds it and puts it right there for you! How cool! Another great new app is from my longtime software love, Comic Life. At a more hefty price of $7.99 this gorgeous app promises to feed my comic desires on the go! Haven't played much with this but I'll report back to you dear

Know Your Meme

I can't believe I'm giving Rebecca Black another mention on my blog! But she and her viral video are really great examples of an Internet Meme . And after 146,797,514 views of her orig video below and a growing number of re-makes this is also another excellent example of the Re-mix Mash-up revolution as I've mentioned before! The Digital Remix Mash-Up Culture Explained Blog fodder \\FTW!// (for the win) What's a meme you may be asking? Let's talk about it after the jump! A Meme is an image, video, phrase or simply an idea that spreads from one person to another seemingly for no logical reason at all ...but is AWEsome! From babies & hamsters dancing, LOLcats, O Rly, Epic Fail, to being Rick Rolled an Internet meme is a cultural phenom...Here's the history! ( C lick below for the full PG-13 I nfographic) Need to keep up on all the hot memes or confirm a meme hunch? Check out the Internet Meme Data Base aka Know Your Meme! With SO many rendit

Super Quirky Rocks! I know, Right?

quirk·y /ˈkwərkē/ Adjective: Characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits: " quirky charm" From the Urban Dictionary : quirky "weird funny unique strange awesome cool odd cute fun random different intelligent silly amazing individual dork awkward sarcastic hot..." Quirky Hot? Really? Ok! I'll gladly take the lovely Salem Press 2011 Library Blog Award nomination! I am blushingly & gobsmackedly honored! Thank you! If you have found my quirky blog amusing, interesting, cool, informative or helpful I'd shamelessly would love your Vote! (takes only a second - I'm at the very bottom!) If you are viewing my blog for the first time because of the Salem Press mention - Hi! Welcome! Salem Press definition: Quirky: Character-driven blogs covering an array of library topics that defy categorization Wooohooo! That does seem to fit! And I guess the fact that I just spent 40 min photoshopping the graphic to the left to Steampunk geeky goodness

Twitter Style Book Review Lesson

Sweet Tweets About Good Reads Here's an idea for a fun tech-social-media infused creative writing lesson and one I'll be sure to mention when I'm guest hosting the Twitter #EngChat event May 23rd at 7pm EST . The topic will be The Power of the Product and I'll be hosting with amazing MHMS co-worker Elizabeth Singleton ( @emsingleton ). This conversation will consist of viable, creative, meaningful, and daring products that demonstrate information mastery, go beyond the regular research report and span the digital divide. On this second blog posting in one day (assuredly a first!) I must give a very special thank you to reading specialist & MHMS co-worker Deb Burkey! You inspired & gave me this idea during our conversation the other day talking about the Fakebook lesson. YAY, you rock! The text is written as directions to students. Writing a short, concise, quality book review is a challenge! Using the Twitter style, create a short book review that hint