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I love hearing from my PLN & visiting different cities, states, & countries spreading the Daring Librarian ed tech transliteracy and transparency revolution message! Even though was a Teacher-Librarian, I do believe my (sometimes irreverent, humorous, & approachable) message goes beyond the library and school walls and is applicable for all subject areas and levels of education and ed tech. As a former member of the ISTEBoard of Directors, I proudly represented ALL PK-12 educators! PRESS BIO Below.

International Speaker:

It has been my honor & privilege to be invited to be a keynote and featured speaker at several International and US state Technology & Library conferences including: Opening keynote for ATLE -Convergence, Calgary Canada, QSLIN Library Symposium Keynote for the Ministry of Education - Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Keynote - California Teacher's Association Summer Institute at UCLA, Opening Keynote, ASTE18 - Anchorage Alaska METC15, SCASL15, Featured Speaker at FETC 2017 - Orlando, CUE14 - Palm Springs, California, LibraryLinkNJ, , AASL13, MACUL, AISL, MASL, CASL, NCSLMA, MSET, METC, WEMTAand was invited by Syba Signs of Australia to go on a three city speaking tour with Dr. Joyce Valenza to the cities of Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth! (I know, pinch me - right?) 

The Truth About Snapchat: A Digital Literacy Lesson for Us All - May 28, 2013

Want me to come visit & present to your group? I'd be honored! Email me or fill out ths form:
Jan 31, 2018 ... By Gwyneth Jones. digital detox Do you sleep with the phone next to your bed? Or worse, on or under your pillow with it pinging or vibrating with every text, Tweet, or notification? Do you feel insecure if your device isn't nearby or on your person? If you say yes, to any of these queries, maybe it's time for a ...
Whether you're learning new cyber skills or helping your colleagues get more tech saavy, here are some tips to earn your geek cred. By Gwyneth Jones, Member Contributor. Advice and Support ...
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Sep 25, 2015 ... By Gwyneth Jones, a.k.a. The Daring Librarian. One of the things I love most about being an educator is that every year is a do-over! Whatever you planned but didn't do last year, you can try this year. Here are some easy tips for upping your ed tech game and getting ready for a super new school year.
Use this gaming craze to introduce students to important resources and features of the school library. By Gwyneth Jones, a.k.a. The Daring Librarian, Member Contributor. Found in: School Library, Technology Tools, Lesson Plans ...
Aug 22, 2017 ... Get Animated, Literally. By Gwyneth Jones. Add an avatar for a more engaging classroom experience. Have you fallen in love with Bitmoji yet? This fun, free app has been around for a few years and now can be easily used to transform and animate your professional life and classroom. For those new to this ...
Jan 23, 2017 ... Six Ways to Avoid Those Social Media Landmines. By Gwyneth Jones. social media tips for teachers I've been sharing on social media professionally for eight years now, and I have to admit, it can be kinda tricky. There is a goldmine of information out there for teachers, but also landmines that can be quite ...

Did you miss this? It was so cool to be featured and interviewed on NPR - Bob Edwards Weekend  
Most importantly, they focused more on my kids rather than on me!


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