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4 Fun FREE Apps to Win The Instagram Game

There are a lot of cool FREE Apps out there that can add functionality and sparkle to the number one picture and video App Instagram, but I'm going to share my favorite four! And yeah, I'm still mourning the loss of Vine . But, finding these new Apps has helped me get past the it... a little!   1. Flipagram   With Vine going away I really needed something to combine video, filters, drawing, still pics, and music all together and I found that in Flipagram !  Easy to learn & upload to Instagram with a not too obnoxious watermark.  Tech Tip: It's easier to create the video and pictures first, THEN bring them into Flipagram. Also, make sure all the still pics and/ or the videos are shot either landscape or portrait, mixing them up looks super awkward or sideways.  Read more about Flipagram: Oh Baby, Please Don't Go! including how to embed. Here's an example: #AProudRaiderNation: Former @hcpss_mhms & now @hcpss_ahs students visit.8th