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10 Tips for Digital Photo Editing & Fun

It's been about 3 years since I've blogged about FREE digital image editing & fun sites... So I thought I would update it! Thanks to my dear friend @ Linda Dougherty ‏ who Tweeted & Scooped to me about Ribbet which made me give it close look comparing it to my beloved PicMonkey.  I thought I owed you, my dear readers,  an unbiased review of these fab photo editing sites. Last time I talked about 5 of them - this year I'm giving you 10! (Plus a link to my Sqworl gallery with 66+ links) 1. What makes PicMonkey Made of Win? Features Galore! PicMonkey , is MADE of WIN! This beloved site with happy hipster styling beautifully filled in when Picknik went away . [pours some Diet Coke out for my fallen homey] Really, for 94% of what you need to do with images this site can do & WAY easier than Photoshop. I even thought of making a Comic Tutorial for it - but it really is SO easy and intuitive I don't think you need one! PicMonkey is a creation

MentorMob & the Secrets of the Remix Mash-Up YouTube Generation

as seen through the eyes of a curated MentorMob playlist! Create your own Playlist on MentorMob! What is MentoMob Mentor Mob Features You can easily  add steps to your Playlist. A curated & vetted web link, including a YouTube video (make sure to grab the "share" link not the "watch" link) a file, you can write an article card with a preset headline, subhead, & you can add extra text or a graphic. You can also add a Pop Quiz! (I haven't tried this yet!) Pretty cool, huh? Anatomy of a Pla ylist Once you have your steps you can drag & drop to change their order. You can easily add more steps inserting them before or after other steps. You can share by embedding or sharing the direct link with your usual social networks.   Embed I t , Baby! Did you see way above how you can embed a playlist on a blog? Neato, right?! Love me some widgets to add to my Wikispaces page or blog!  I also like how you can get a custom embed size. Read m

The Puffin Wicked Fast iPad Browser

There's a new tablet & smart phone browser in town, it's for both Apple & Android, it's wicked fast, and it's FREE! (But honestly, I paid for it, keep reading to find out why!)  Puffin is a Beta cloud accelerated web browser for mobile devices.  With the free version you get the FLASH cloud enabled player for 14 days only....UNLESS you use this link and you gotta enter this secret code jembifpahhkka then you get DOUBLE! Or you could scan this QR code! It's Worth the Money, Honey! But I went ahead and splurged and bought the $2.99 version (search the App store for Puffin Browser) so I'll have cloud enabled FLASH  all the time and Nom nom is it ever SWEET! If you don't believe me, download the FREE version first, use my secret code to get double the days of FLASH, and try it for yourself. Then let me know what you think via Twitter or comments below: I think you'll like it, too! How Fast is Wicked Fast? The promotional verbage for thi

The Harlem Shake & Why It's SO Popular

Yes, we did it. Inspired by Tim Gwynn's TV studio kids doing the Internet MEME dance sensation The Harlem Shake, Winecoff Style (embedded at the end!) you know we had to make our own! What is a MEME, you may ask? Well, I've blogged about this before but here's a quick primer graphic below in case you missed it. Oh and for those of you going to #SCASL13 and #MACUL13 - come see me present QR Codes, I'll be talkin more about them there! So, why has this one Meme sprouted like a gajillion versions in the last two weeks? I think because it's fun & easy to film and most importantly easy to edit! Basically, it's shot in 2 scenes, the first being one person masked dancing with people around assiduously ignoring them for the first 15 seconds of the song, then when the song s ays "Harlem Shake" you cut to everyone going wild dancing usually with costumes & props for a total of 30-40 seconds. Now, schools, universities, companies, & groups