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Maker Marvelous: Book Page Pumpkins

Hey dear readers, Gwyneth here!  I haven't had a guest post in 7 or so years, but I thought this was such a great idea I begged my dear fellow HCPSS Teacher Librarian, Danielle Du Puis, (and my former student teacher!) to let me share this super ....actually, ......marvelous Maker Idea! Confession: I LOVE Pumpkins (but NOT Pumpkin Spice!) Pumpkins are perfect for the Fall season...from September to December, a Book Page Pumpkin is great to create! Now, for the details. Book Page Pumpkins At the beginning of the school year I started my 9th year as a high school media specialist (14th year as a media specialist overall). I did what I do at the start of every year - unpacked my desk, ordered new books, prepped for my first week of lessons, talked with teachers to schedule media orientations, and got ready to greet our new students. However, after unpacking my things from the summer school pack up, I had some difficulty finding supplies that I needed that I knew I had

10 Things to Think About Before You Post

Over the years we've had a great educational partnership with our NYC friends at Flocabulary . I'm even a proud MC Educator or Flocabulary # HipHopEd Ambassador. See? We've been using their Week in Rap news feature in our school since they landed on the hip hop education or #HipHopEd scene in 2008! Not familiar with them? Check, check, check, it out!   Murray Hill even earned a video shout out in 2013 ! W00t! (We were SO proud!)   10 Things to Think About Before You Post video stands up to the test of time.   It's just practical advice and one we like to play on our #MHTVNews at least once a year! So, when I heard that they were teaming up with the awesome Common Sense Media people, to put out a music video about Digital Citizenship, - I was SO there!   Common Sense Media has added some handy extras! You can view the Video Discussion Guide download the Lyrics Poster , Top 10 List Poster , and Fill in Your Own Top 10 Poster . (Requires r