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Beautiful Birchbox, Curated Goodies, & Bling!

Sure, I usually blog about technology, geeky stuff, and libraries... but beneath it all the Daring Librarian is a girlie girl who likes bling & beauty products!  So, in the spirit of this holiday season, if you don't know what to get your gal or if you love getting pretty stuffs in the mail each month, let me introduce you to Birchbox ! Basically, for only $10 a month, you receive a collection of beauty products (some sample size & some full size) and it's always a surprise. The fun in this? You never know what you're getting AND it allows you to try a product before you invest a ton of money in something without knowing if you'll like it or not.  Genius, I know. There's also a subscription for the guys in your life! So get that metro-sexual dude of yours great grooming products! From the site: "Birchbox delivers the best products and the best insider secrets, without any fuss. Every month Birchbox members will receive a curated box of luxe beau

Gotcha Back: An Anti-Bullying Video

Gotcha Back!  I want to share this amazing video that one of our outstanding, talented, amazing, adorable - ok, I'm a bit of a fan grrl for Denise Adams our new MHMS Guidance Counselor. (Ms. Shuman's pretty cool, too!)  She did this video all by herself! W00t! (With a little help from her kids!;-) Starring our awesome Murray Hill Middle School kiddos. She used a stop action sports setting on her camera to get the step-effect of the photos. We have an anti-bullying PBIS campaign going in our school and this video supports it wonderfully - and it gets me a little choked up..."I'm all farklempt! " Here's the video link on the SchoolTubes and the embedded vid below in case the YouTubes are blocked in your district or the embed doesn't work for you!     If it's important, FIND A WAY - to be a How to be a Ninja Warrior Filter Fighter ! Imma B Another GREAT video for PBIS is this inspiring one from Nashville, TN!  It espouses a real positive mes

Edublog Opining, Mentoring, & Haters

Ain't it grand? Freedom of speech, blogs... opinions? The ability to mouth off & share? Buckle up dear readers, this is a wordy one...I'm gonna opine! Whether one person or one thousand reads it - I think very fact that we can publish to the WORLD freely our thoughts & ideas without license or permission... THAT my dear friends is a true definition of Web 2.0h,  the read write web. And I reckon, THIS is what we should be celebrating not hating on the nomination & voting process of Edublog Awards OR #Eddies12 ! I've gotta say being recognized for what ya do feels grand. It would be a load of BS to say otherwise, right? And though being included as a finalist after being nominated by your peers is heady stuff - it's the very fact that WE CAN EFFIN WRITE whatever the hell heck we want to write is the real winner. For a matter of fact the Edublogs is quite democratic & anyone, anywhere in the world can nominate any blog! It's not an American aw