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QR Code Scanning for Parents

Back to School Night is Coming: Marketing to My Parents In a couple weeks we're having our Back to School Night (BTSN) at my middle school & it's a GREAT opportunity to start my year off right by giving my parents ALL the resources they need to be in constant communication with us! A friend & fellow teacher librarian in my district Barb Randolph mentioned that the teachers who posted QR codes in their classrooms had parents lining up to scan them on BTSN! So, taking that one step further I created with Comic Life & iPhoto a QR Code Tree Poster (see above) with all our important MHMS Daring School Library & school web links. I'll be posting this outside the Libary Media Center and in the school lobby as parents on BTSN don't usually visit the I wanna "get 'em while the gettin is good!" Qr btsn site View more documents from gwyneth jones I've also created for my teachers a quick & easy QR Code Micros