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Create a Safe Space

This is not something new. Our School Library has always been a safe space for kiddos of all kinds. Our wonderful Middle School community is a rich tapestry of many woven threads, rich colors, diverse backgrounds, orientations, expressions, many abilities and kids from many lands speaking many languages. Laurel, Maryland is right smack dab between Washington DC and Baltimore - it's like our school has always been a mini United Nations. I love that about us! And our School Library has always enjoyed being a draw and a safe landing spot for kids who are quirky, nerdy, bookish, geeky, techie, queer, gay, trans, wordy, dramatic, creative, alternative, and cool. That's why I thought it was important and reassuring to have a sign that proclaimed that we are a Safe Space or a Safe Zone right on our front doors and right by our check out desk! What is a Safe Space? According to the Safe Space Network, “A Safe Space is a place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express