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Beautiful Biltmore

Well, hello! I'm so happy you're here! I don't usually post about travel or vacation stuff here without having it related to an Ed Tech or Library conference or educational stuff, but this travel experience to the Biltmore Estate was so magical, beautiful, significant, and transcendent and I wrote such a LONG Trip Advisor review , I felt like I had to share it with ya'll! I won't be mad if you choose to skip reading this post if you're only here for the education related stuffs ....because it's kinda long and it's kinda detailed! Shocker. And Biltmore Estate did NOT sponsor or pay for this post --though, I wouldn't mind a little swag when I go back (in April! LOL) What can I say? I was inspired and when I feel thusly, I write it down. Also, this might seem weird to you, that as a grownup, I really like to travel with my Mom & Dad. I have friends and I love them dearly, but I love my parents more. They're fun