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9 New Teacher Survival Tips

Because you asked. I occasionally get emails from followers, readers, and conference audience members asking for advice. It's lovely! And flattering! And OK, a lot of work sometimes. But, I always try to answer and help. Recently, I spent so much time answering, linking to past posts, and giving paragraphs and paragraphs of advice I thought - Hey! This would be a good blog post! Some of these topics, I've blogged about before. I'm kind of passionate about being a passionate teacher, being positive, and just choosing one NEW thing at a time to try. So, though it's taken me a better part of a week to write this, and I warn you -- it's LONG. It's what they call nowdays a "deep dive" or a "long read" and that's OK! I thought... or hoped, it could be helpful to some new Educators, Admins, Teachers and Teacher Librarians! My Usual Disclaimer: These are my humble opinions and to quote the great Dalton, played with great gravitas by lat

Let's Stay in Touch!

Since I've changed to the NEW dynamic Blogger template, finding the sidebar with the subscribe,  post archives, and other stuff, has become a little more trixy! So.....Here's a graphic to help! If you would like an email, delivered right to your inbox, whenever I post a new content, please follow these directions. 1. Go to the "front page" of the blog. 2. Scroll down the blog until the "hamburger" 3 lines appear. 3. Click on it & you're there! From here you can subscribe in 3 easy ways! Follow by Email - just type in your name in the top box. Now, here's where I admit I'm a doofus. I don't know why this widget shows typing or text show up as white on white background. Nor, do I understand why the subscribe by email button below doesn't show up until you hover over it. I've got a help request submitted to Blogger, but in the meantime, just copy and paste your email address in the top box and click below,

Smiling About Bitmoji Books

My favorite avatar creator Bitmoji , which I've been blogging about since 2015 (links to those posts below) has recently added a few NEW cartoons featuring books! But, as my Twitter & PA friend Ms. Kim Mento Tweeted, they were sadly dour faced! So, using Photoshop Elements, I pasted some open smiles on my faces. Whilst I was at it (any excuse to use the word whilst!) I added my much needed bangs, blonde highlights, changed my tennis shoe pops of color, and ummm a Harry Potter book or two! It took just a little bit of editing to give my @Bitmoji a smile about carrying her books! I'm not at the level of @GwynethJones with her bangs, but at least now there is a smile above that stack of happiness! #amreading — Kim Mento (@wordsofmento) July 5, 2018 To which I replied... Thanks @Bitmoji for the book cartoons - but as a Librarian, you know I needed them to SMILE! Plus, I really would like a bun with bangs option! (I can add the