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The Office: Male Prima Donna

taking a wee webisode video break from AASL prep....i bring you... Male Prima Donna by Subtle Sexuality. "I'm the OG prima donna. My rhymes bite like piranha, Hotter than a sauna, Straight out of Lackawannaaaaaa!" -- Song & Vid available for download on iTunes - photo from iTunes sorry if you had to watch a Disney commerical to get the vid (i *hate the Mouse)and i can't link to YouTube when the NBC version has better resolution (and is legal)'s the price one must pay to get that slammin song & hot vid! i seriously have this song in my head replaced Tardy For The Party (Mix) - ( love you Kandi!) Well,....thank you The Office!! [shakes fist]...but i need more Subtle Sexuality webisodes...Love the Office...(though i'm growing ever disenchanted with Pam -just like i so heart 30 Rock but agree with Alan & feel that this season has fallen a bit flat for me ) back to The Office.... you know...i've been down on Erin the new girl.. i

Did You Know 4.0 & Where Are We Going?

In 2007 i blogged about the first Did You Know by Karl Fisch for my parents, teachers & community... because when i saw it (the first one) it rocked my world! back then it was MySpace that could have been the 8th largest company....Facebook wasn't even invented yet...nor Twitter!...we're still not there in the school system (at least not mine) using social networks FOR us rather than being AGAINST us! i SO admire Web 2.0 savvy school librarians like Buffy Hamilton...her Unquiet Library blog & webpage epitomizes how we should use Social Networks FOR us! Her blog (see all the red blobs!?) gets an average of 300 visitors.... A DAY. Buffy is teaching kids that they need to be ETHICAL and AWARE of what they do on the intarwebs ...what their digital footprint is and what kind of footprint they're people will go back and see the doofy stuff they post now 5, 10, 15 and 20 years from now. her High School library has a Facebook Page with 277 fans and a

B There! A Pining Robot's Plea

or the sad tale of a lonely Clank who wants to go to the AASL conference in Charlotte: Part 1: Clank He can't join in on the Bloggers' Cafe...but YOU Can! Join us@the Unconference ! Part 2: Cecily & Clank b there! "You’ve registered for the AASL 14th National Conference & Exhibition. Before you start your engines, be sure to take advantage of the b there – Your Virtual Track Pass Web site – the national conference offered in a virtual setting. Full access to b there is included in your conference registration. As a registrant, you would have originally received your unique invitation code in your registration confirmation email from Experient. Your Unique Invitation Code: (if you registered, this was sent to you!) Access all that b there – Your Virtual Track Pass has to offer and become an active member of this virtual community. Now is the time to b there early, network with colleagues, see what’s at the track, and map out your conference experience so you can be MHMS Media Center Adventures!

Image : MHMS Media Center Adventures! by gwyneth Like it? Create your own at . It's free and fun! OK, so i'm getting better at GoAnimate!...and it really is a WAY cool, user friendly animation studio! (that will probably be blocked by my county next week...just as i do any prof dev on it it gets blocked...cause that seems to be the kiss of death for anything cool - like Twitter or Flickr - i share it with other teachers or media specialists and blammo!...blocked! /rant) ANYWAY...i also just created my own character ! this feature was just released LAST can now make a comic version of yourself to use in your videos....the first one is FREE... (& yeah it's a younger cartoon version of yours truly with rad glasses!) if you've ever made a Mii Character it's a lot like's a helpful blog posting , the official blog , and some video tutorials to help! i got so jazzed about this site i made a Go! Animate Introduction wi

Bloggers' Cafe: Animoto Fun!

The Unconference@The Blogger's Cafe : The Unconference@The Blogger's Cafe by gwyneth Like it? Create your own at . It's free and fun!

NEW Animoto: Get JAZZED for AASL2009!

WOW! Great Animoto, Joyce! Thanks for sharing with everyone! It's hard to watch that and NOT get JAZZED up for AASL in Charlotte!

#AASL09: Rev Up & Go!

Join IN the FUN EARLY! You Gotta b there! – Your Virtual Track Pass . Your one Pitt Stop Chop Shop for all the Cool links to get your AASL Experience Turbo Charged! Ooooer! i'm getting SOooo Excited for #AASL2009! and i have several reasons to be Excited! and like on Seinfeld i'm going to be using a lot of exclamations! so....buckle your've been warned. I'm excited to be one of the conference bloggers (OMWerd, what an honor! no pressure there, dear reader! Eep!) and i promise Promise i'll not pepper EVERY post with contrived car related verbage, really! fact, the above was my last sputter, i swear! [grins] but hey! AASL egged me was even one of the criteria for the conference presentation approval process! LOL and you don't have to b there! yet to get involved NOW! Click on the graphic above to find links to: concurrent session guide the author pit stop & interviews membership directory member videos the UNconference ! t

Bloggers' Cafe: The Hepcat Learning Lounge

What is the Bloggers’ Café? The Hepcat Learning Lounge@AASL The Bloggers' Cafe is the coolest place to hang out at any Ed Tech conference! This was the "the place to be" hub @NECC09! This is where all the cool peeps are going to chill...once you're there anyway why not stand up and share? In a low key, high-tech, beatnik kinda way - beret & goatee optional. Are you attending the 2009 AASL National Conference in Charlotte, NC? Have something to share, but for whatever reason you are not scheduled for a concurrent session? Consider signing up to present your stuff at our Bloggers’ Café! Presentation equipment and Internet connection will be available. Want to take a comfortable break from the conference hubbub? Stop by and listen as your colleagues share their ideas at the Bloggers’ Café. Use the time to: Host a discussion Create a Birds of a Feather session Present your best ideas Expand on your Exploratorium poster Expand on your concurrent session Teach a ski

Neil Gaiman and Twittering the Exquisite Corpse

So, yesterday i got really excited about the Neil Gaiman Twitter writing opportunity the Exquisite Corpse..I instantly thought of our Writers Guild and how they could have really gotten involved with the writing experience. However, Twitter is now Blocked in HCPSS. WARNING: Mini-Rant & Personal Opinion Here Not Related to HCPSS or reflecting on them yada yada yada - yeah...i gotta big mouth! Yes, thanks to the NEW Dickensian interweb policies of my county Twitter has now been blocked --we're going backwards not forwards, it seems...also blocked...Flickr! I was just convincing my Art teacher to move our student gallery from our 6 year old gallery of Smugmug (much love & respect though!) to being able to tag & comment cloud pics... i'm not getting the ubiquitous BLOCKED Blue Screen but it just maddeningly hangs!....and hangs...recently i was told that Twitter was now blocked (it wasn't last year) because it's a social networking site! WTHeck?! How can we te

Book Crossing & Pass That Book

Well, i'm excited!...The Howard County Library is starting a Teen program that i blogged about on my Media Center Blog called Pass That Book's along the same lines as'm reposting that here because this is a GREAT idea for other Library Media Center & Public Library partnerships! PSST...PASS THAT BOOK! Beginning October 19, be on the lookout for specially marked copies of The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld. Read the book. Register the book's number at Pass the book to another friend. Return to the web site throughout the year to track where the books have traveled, and participate in online book discussions. For more information go visit the HCL Pass that Book Website or contact Mr. John Jewitt Miss. Jones Writes: This reminds me of a website i've been involved with for many years called Same's how it started from my first posting on the BX site in 200

Second Life: Interactive Books

I was very pleased and gratified to have Sir JJ Drinkwater of the Caledon Library bestow upon me a very special bookcase ((I later found out they were FREE for the asking! LOL))...using scripts provided by the esteemed code poet Sir ZenModo Wormser. This special bookcase is very interactive and actually gives out books that you can read in-world! (pray, gentle on any picture below for a Full Size version!) click on the bookcase to get a selection of titles: Keep the book that they offer to you as an object...the brilliant part is that the books are only 1 prim and they can be used as real clickable books! Scatter them around your house! Put them on a shelf or a table for the enjoyment of your guests! Read them at your leisure! Rez the object on a shelf or a table then click upon it and it will ask do you want to visit the Aetheric version of that book...choose Go to Page From here you can read the book, in its original form...clicking from page to page! Suc