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Building Community at a Distance

  I really should name this post "What I did during Covid" Which, in short, was a LOT OF Geek Squad Tech help to my kids, families, teachers, & staff. I created content to help my kids to connect, lots of tech troubleshooting tips, held numerous LIVE Tech-Help-Desk sessions, and hosted #MediaBreaks. Media Breaks are Virtual Lunch Bunches, read alongs, contests, & community bonding experiences.  It was really important to find ways for kids to feel connected to our school and to each other.  That is a herculean task. To help kids feel like they're a part of something when they're sitting in their houses wearing flannel pants. OR was that just me? So, here's some stuff I did - hopefully you will find it helpful!  Since we are going to still have 400+ kids learning virtually for the rest of the school year keeping kids feeling connected and tech tips are going to be important.  .....and yeah, I'm exhausted. Aren't you? See my Instagram for more ideas