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Trashy, Crafty, & Literary: Upcycling for the Win!

I love books. I love art.  I love Etsy. I love funky stuff. I love recycling and upcycling. This artist on Etsy combines both! Nifty & Thrifty Crafter Meet Kim Franklin (aka) the Trashy Crafter and here's her nifty thrifty story: "... I love to go to thrift stores, I think mainly because it's such an adventure!  Anywho, my Mom and I were at a thrift store when we saw them throwing out hundreds of damaged and outdated books.  This made me really sad, there had to be someway to recycled them into something useful and beautiful.  My Mom and I grabbed about 50 books and threw then into the back of our truck and headed home.  The books sat in a corner of my tiny bedroom for a few months as I finished up finals for my senior year at UCSD. Soon after graduating I remembered my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Bryant had taught us how to roll  paper beads from magazine paper, but it was so flimsy and not sturdy.  So I thought, why not turn this beautiful paper into paper