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ISTE Membership Treasure Hunt

Arrr Shiver Me Timbers, Matey !...It's Capt. Red here to tell you about how you can use your ISTE membership to search for clues, treasure, & come away with some brilliant tech booty! ' X' marks the spot: ISTE is half way through Member Appreciation Month , and you could win an iPod nano or a Kindle Wi-Fi ! ISTE still has some great scavenger hunt prizes remaining, including the iPad grand prize. Explore the site to find the answers to only 10 EASY questions, fill out the form, click submit, and you could win amazing loot! Begin your adventure at or click the banner above! A wealth of free webinars await you: Cool Tools for Schools presented by Adam Bellow Join the iPad Revolution presented by Camilla Gagliolo Movin’ On Up in Science: Taking Integration to the Next Level presented by Ben Smith and Jared Mader Saber Slashworthy Savings! ISTE has cut their book prices for members—40% off all month! Don’t forget the limitless trea

The Digital Remix Mash-Up Culture Explained

A quick cool audio-visual way to explain to other educators (or kids!) the Digital Remix Mash-Up Culture today is to show clips of these music videos. " Recent technological developments have created a wave of user-generated content in which pre-existing sounds and images are appropriated, reshaped, and shared with unprecedented ease ." Natalie Bennett But to better show this concept: I start with the below original music video Dynamite by British performer Taio Cruz - Not totally appropriate for middle schoolers to show the whole video as it's pretty hoochie. This international phenom has had 74,339,619 hits on YouTube. Catchy song...trite video. Then something special happened. From a small Canadian town London Ontario comes this one talented guy Mike Tompkins with a studio in his house, a talented mouth, and he creates this homage A Capella remix of the song that goes absolutely viral with 5,665,335 hits on YouTube! Brilliant! Stay for the whole video where he e

METC: Motivate, Engage, Transform, & Connect and Trogdor, Too!

The METC_CSD conference is right around the corner -and I'm so excited & honored to have been invited to be a Featured Speaker there! I'm presenting 5 times - if you go to the METC conference website and do a search for "Gwyneth" you'll find my trouble making self having a great time starting some provocative conversations around some of my favourite topics! Related to that: Inspired by the Mighty Little Librarian Tiff Presents I started a new wiki! The Daring Librarian Presents ! So that when I present or speak at an event I can link to all the resources & information in one place! YAY! Up to now I've just blogged about it...embedding stuff here - usually gathered from various publications like my Ed Tech Wiki, Flickr, or Slideshare which was fine but it just didn't seem as cohesive as having it all on one easy to follow wiki. Ed Tech Old Skool Stylz So this is how my strange brain works....With that new wikipage I'm tempted to go "b

Calling All Daring Librarian Superheroes!

Shamelessly I will report on this - Why S hameless ? (capitol S) Because, of course, this is the answer to my every fevered redheaded dream to be nominated for a special Superhero lunchbox ! So just even reporting it makes me feel all squirmy & excited & dreaming of it! And of course if any of my dear gentle good readers think I can't go that far! (let's try subliminal persuasion) Librarian League of Superheros I do fervently believe - like the Justice League - there are MANY Superhero Librarians out there! We are a Tribe! And some of them have even blogged about this exciting contest! I have been a superhero fan (Go Marvel & Stan Lee!) since I was a kid! And Beyond! Who are Your Librarian Superheroes? My Librarian Superheroes are part of the Big Red Machine ©iansinger ie: Joyce Valenza & Shannon Miller ! Two librarians who are my compatriot at arms, my right and left hand chickies and perpetual inspirations....two librarians who invigorate the

A Day Without Chemistry: Pirate Ninja Style!

--- A Video from the American Chemical Society Our MHTV top story today made me have to get a little shady -access my inner Pirate and bring out my secret Ninja side- all for a good cause. Here at Murray Hill Middle School we LOVE Science! So it did not come as any surprise that our interest was piqued today when we found this great story on Student News dot net - a press release about a hot new animated video celebrating International Year of Chemistry - and it took a bit of finagling to get it (if you're interested I'll give the lowdown after the story jump) - but do know dear students & readers we are determined to go that extra distance for Science! CAVEAT: Never do ANYTHING like this without Admin support! I called my principal first - he readily gave his permission to assist a teacher with her instructional goals.   " Imagine a day without cars, electric lights, TV, telephones, safe food, water, medicine, clothin