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Got Bitmoji?

100% Street Cred! I get emails every week from startups, apps, & companies wanting me to blog about their products to which I always (99%) nicely say "no thanks" and that my street cred and integrity on this blog is important!  But when I fall in love with something that's fun and FREE - I just HAVE to share it! You have to try this in your life! From the Bitstrips People The Bitmoji app , brought to you by the people of Bitstrips (which I shared more than 4 years ago on my 21+ Avatar Generator & Creators page!) is available in both iOs and on Google Play for the Android OS. Create your face, bod, hairstyle, dress it up, & BOOM! They're put into these fun cartoon stickers that are an alternate emoji keyboard! Even my 75 year old Mom & Dad have them, and we use them with each other ALL the time. It's hilarious and a blast! I re-read this blog post early this morning and realized I used the word FUN....way too many times! Cool,