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Lustworthy Fonts Made of Win!

Lustworthy Fonts I've made no secret that I have a great love for graphic design, fonts, and the FREE site PicMonkey ; which makes even the novice dabbler feel like their creations are Made of WIN! As Joyce Valenza said in a recent blog post "my love for PicMonkey, in general, is so great that a premium subscription is critical!" But you don't have to have a Royale subscription (but it's worth it!)  to get lustworthy fonts, see!? Here are 10 FREE fonts that are super cool! And here are 10 Royale fonts that are nom nom delicious! You can also find some of these fonts on Dafont and 1001 Free Fonts ! How do you find them to download them to your lappie? Just Google the name of the font + FREE + MAC (or Win)  - and Bazinga! Lustworthy Fonts! Design With Style  & Pimp Up Your Blog Posts The coolest new thing they offer is the ability to create from a blank canvas and a new design feature where there are pre-set sizes! Even a Facebook Cover [wr

4 Easy Steps to Embed a Tweet

Did ya know that you can easily embed your Tweets in blog posts or wikis? Sure can! It's sorta buried, but I'll show you in 4 easy steps! — The Daring Librarian (@GwynethJones) January 4, 2014 Super thanks to Sasha Reinhardt or @MiddleGrdReads for letting me use our Tweet convo as the embed examples and inspiration for the graphic! Cheers! @GwynethJones That's awesome! — Sasha Reinhardt (@MiddleGrdReads) January 4, 2014 My Year in Twitter as an animated movie by @Vizify Wish they would give the EMBED code for blogs, tho! — The Daring Librarian (@GwynethJones) January 4, 2014 Have you consolidated your many different flash drives, changed your passwords, cleared your cookies, & dumped your cache? Click below for 10 Super Geeky Tips for the New Year Here's that golden Tweet. My silly Twitter high point of 2013! This is what got the most RT's & most Favourites? LOL Oh sure, this & not any of my ed te