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Wonder More - Fear Less

  Dare Everyday. You know, my brand is sometimes a lot to live up to. I'm not always daring. I won't buy a 3D printer until I know I can get projects kiddos create cranked out in a timely fashion or that we can reliably afford the materials and upkeep supplies and I don't think I'll ever ditch Dewey.  You don't ALWAYS have to be daring in BIG ways, consider daring something small every day.  Dare to keep smiling to that kid who never smiles back. It's easy to smile to the kiddos you adore & have a connection with. But try to smile consistently, to that kiddos who is all prickles and burs. You will be surprised at the results. It took me 8 months once to get a reluctant grin back. Dare to take pictures of your kids being awesome and daring every day.  Consider daring to Say Yes! To a School Instagram ! We always have our phones handy, consider using Instagram, Vine, & Flickr to share great moments with parents and the community. When thinking