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Oh Baby, Please Don't Go!

It hurts when something you love dearly goes away. Remember, how I said you didn't have to MARRY New Technology - you can just date it and drop it if you don't get along? Well,  sometimes your favorite new technology that you've developed strong feelings for, gone steady with, and kinda loved - just up and LEAVES you! Goes poof, outta the blue! Leaving you to pick up the digital pieces and find a new love & replacement.  Dying on the Vine & Instagram Invention For example, I just heard last week that Vine is going away - and I was all like what the heck!? Which then leaves me to wail plaintively, "Now what!?"   I wasn't an avid Viner, but I LOVED the app for easy Vine Video Book Trailers , Persuasive ELA Reading Projects , Science Experiments, and snazzy, musically enhanced, Library and school culture promotion.     They're saying that Vine is going away because Instagram added Video a while back and because of the growing pop