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Harry & Ginny True Love 4Evah!

I am a longtime Harry Potter fan and the recent news that JK Rowling thought maybe Harry and Hermione should have ended up together has me in a bit of a FANGIRL trailspin of What the What!? Nooooooo!   Here's the comment I plastered around almost everywhere I can (don't judge me!) LOL No way would Hermione have made Harry happy or vice versa! She's way too prickly, stubborn, cranky, (as his he!) and they would have snipped at  each other until a divorce would be the only answer. Jenny is sweet enough (but not saccharine)  to put up with Harry PLUS she's magically strong enough to earn his respect.  AND by marrying her he's now part of the Weasley family - which he always wanted to be, and I think is perfect! I have wondered who, if anyone, was Hermione's intellectual equal - what other cool brainy boy was there at Hogwarts? Hmm? Not Neville though he turned out to be awesomely brave! Someone who would earn her respect and not let her trample ove