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Lady GaGa Librarians Unite!

I was asked recently for a quote by a N.Y. Times editor for their opinion page : Here's the question: "School librarians are on the chopping block as states and cities seek to cut their education budgets. Do superintendents and principals see librarians as more expendable than other school employees? If so, why?" Here's my response: "From the Daring Librarian to Teacher Librarians everywhere with love, albeit tough love - but full on love! Times are tough all over for education. Superintendents and administrators are making some hard financial decisions. Any position that does not have constant student interaction, testing expectations, and direct grading is vulnerable. Librarians and school libraries are at a crossroads. This is one of the most exciting times to be a teacher-librarian in our country and is also the scariest. A revolution is at hand, and we need to be nimble, daring, digital and shift both our practice and the way the world thinks of schoo

Get Your Free ISTE11 SIGVE Virtual Worlds Badge!

Every year I look forward to going to ISTE Island and taking a snap for my Virtual Worlds Name Tag! Yes, I blogged about this last year..but it deserves a fresh mention! It's important that those of us who learn and teach on the grid show our SIGVE allegiance! It's also important to represent my Steampunk aesthetic by wearing my most fetching Steamy Victorian tophat by famed milliner Miss Reghan Straaf of Hatpins ! I'm also wearing Miss Punktuality gown by Cutea of Grimm Bros. with out of control grid breaking metal overskirt & matching rusty clock bedecked collar. Go big or go home, folks. I also gotta admit I photoshopped my Avatar...which frankly is just a bit odd. Get your own ISTE SIGVE Nametag! "If you're heading to Philly next week for ISTE 2011, don't be left without your avatar name badge. Come on over to ISTE HQ's and follow the directions at the photo booth. Thanks and see you soon! -Louise" Here's the SLURL to the Photobooth!

Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, & Zombies

It's that time of year again! Time to beg, cajole, tease, torture (audibly), and plead to get our Library Media materials back. With 27% of our students on free & reduced lunch I know that we have a large group of kids that probably can't pay for their lost books...and I've made peace with the fact that I'm never gonna get ALL my books, digital playaways , & CD's back. I shoot for a loss of 30 a year. Sometimes it's more - sometimes it's less. And, That's OK! That's the cost of doing business. Some of my kids might not return a book because they LOVE it and they can't buy it to keep for their personal libraries. So, if that could possibly EVER be the case I only push so far. BUT... I do everything I can to get those materials back because though I'm understanding, I'm still trying to teach responsibility, respect for property, and accountability! That's why I have lots of creative ways to get our books back. And yes, I

Survey Says! ISTE11 Philly is the Place to Be!

Only 3 weeks until the ISTE11 conference kickoff with Mario Armstrong! OhEmGee, I am SO excited! Besides being super busy with with ISTE Board service, meetings, poster sessions, Blogger cafe hanging, and playgrounds - I'll be presenting twice on two exciting (but very different!) panels! !! Game Show Learning! Learning Tools Family Feud: Crowdsourced Edition with Geek Tribe pals my dear mentor the amazing Joyce Valenza, super cool & smart Shannon M. Miller, slick Chad Lehman, hilarious & high-energy Nick "The Nerdy Teacher" Provenzano, and the wonderously sweet & funny Matthew Winner! With our special game show host the AWEsome Steve Dembo! Survey Says! This is gonna be GROOVY! We're gonna re-visit the favourite 70's Game Show with a Twist! We've crowdsourced the survey with over 100 of our PLN answering questions using a Google Form and will be going head-to-head boys against the girls to see if we can guess what the top learning tools wi

Tweeting Ulysses-Eyepatch Required!

I have great friends! Even people I don't get to see all the time or have met only once - I'm richer for having known them! My PLN is the same - richer for (virtually) knowing them... Sarah Koski, a bright, bubbly member of our ISTE staff from our Eugene OR ISTE office - even though she's working hard on the upcoming ISTE conference sent me this from The Daily Good - a really cool site with quirky (love!) news items that is of course blocked in my district! "So you want to read James Joyce's famously impenetrable modernist masterpiece Ulysses, but you can't seem to take your eyes off the Internet? We've got the solution to your problems. This year, for Bloomsday , an annual celebration of Joyce and Ulysses, there's an effort underway to recast the novel and publish it in its entirety in a series of tweets. The experiment, called " Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011 ," will use volunteers, who will each take a section of the book (it's been divid