Bookfellas: Bring Back Your Books - Or Else!

I hope you don't have any overdue books!
Or the Bookfellas may just visit and
give a gentle reminder ...

This video is an oldie but goodie...all students appearing in this video have since graduated from high school! Yeah...this is how we rock the iMovie OLD SCHOOL STYLE!~ See? We had the situation before the Jersey shore was even an idea in some MTV programmers dream!
Feel FREE to embed or link to!

And this is just a joke, really! ...We really don't have our own hit squad of dark suited, guitar case carrying, tough guys playing cards in the Library Media Center just waiting to go hunt down kids who have one of 221 overdue books.....and then gets misty eyed when one comes back on it's own...


ps. the kid who was carried in was the little brother of Maddy McFaddums (middle kid) and it was HIS IDEA! LOL

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