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NPR Loves Reading, Teens, & Neil Gaiman!

I'm a shameless NPR fan! In fact, I just spent about 3 hours driving home from #MASL11, #MSEA11, & Bethany Beach today laughing along with Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me & the Prairie Home Companion. I was also honored & gobsmacked to be interviewed by Bob Edwards last year! SQUEE!) /boasting So, when I got the below astounding tweet this afternoon from NPR rock star Michele Norris alerting me to a VERY AWESOME new NPR bookclub - I put my planed Sunday blog post on the back burner and started writing this! Neil Gaiman Geeky Uber Cool & Oh So Generous! first Neil Gaiman proves his geek street cred by pairing up with Dr. Who and now he's combining his superpowers with that of NPR, All Things Considered, & Michele Norris to give our kids....ages 9-14 a Back-seat Book Club of their very own! So teens listen up! " Finally, NPR For YOU! For all those kids in the back seat who are fed a steady diet of NPR news, here's a book club just for

How to Create a QR Code In 3 Easy Steps

( click for more sizes & to download ) It's been a while since I've added to my Comic Tutorial Collection - not surprising since September & October are always a busy time for teachers, right? But I was asked several times recently not WHAT WAS A QR CODE my previous Comic Tutorial explained (below) ...but exactly HOW to CREATE A QR CODE ! So, here's a new comic tutorial that shows you how, in three easy steps, by copying & pasting a URL and using URL Shortener & QR Code Monkey how to save that created QR CODE graphic (.PNG format) and using it in a document or graphic, it's easy! With the AMAZING BONUS feature of aggregated data on that code! (see below)  QR CODE UPDATE! - 7/27/2014 Bitly doesn't do this anymore! [sad face] but Google URL shortener , does! YAY! Also, my fav QR Code creator right now for jazzy QR Codes is QR Code Monkey !  This is the coolest thing ever! Google saves the the statistics on that code

Melvil Dewey: International Library Hip Hop Superstar

Melvil Dewey! Kablam! International Library Hip Hop Superstar! That's right, in Winston Salem where I was honored to be keynoting at the amazing North Carolina School Library Media (NCSLMA11) conference this past weekend I got to meet him! AND WOW! This guy is the real deal! Sporting a blingtastic gold & diamond encrusted library card, glasses, magic hoodie, & a rhyming dictionary this self-proclaimed Story Yeller can write some mad library & literacy rhymes! Check check check it out! His YouTube vid has gotten over half a MILLION hits! Amazing! Who is this guy? From the bio on his website : "Melvil Dewey teaches children the importance of libraries in our communities (and schools!), advocates reading and introduces basic library skills. His first single, The Dewey Decimal Rap , has over half a million hits on YouTube and is being distributed worldwide by McGraw-Hill in 2012. Meanwhile, two of his music videos have been deemed by The Huffington Post as two

Flocabulary Makes My BrainPop!

I blogged about my unabashed love for The Week in Rap back in 2009 on my school library blog ....I went on and on about how AWEsome it was bringing current events & news written for students in an immediately engaging and Oh so Hip Hop way! Now, Flocabulary just gets even better! But it will cost you -though not too much...and it's totally worth it! Now, before you ask...NO! Neither Flocabulary (nor BrainPop) have asked me to write this or paid me for posting (AS IF!) I can't be bought! I only blog about sites, software, and products I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! (of course, I'd obvi take a hoodie!) Of course, the peeps at Flocabulary are going to keep the super popular and lauded Week In Rap -- With ARCHIVES ....AND Special Features! But this young, talented company, have also added SO many other subject categories of sweet rhymes & songs that immediately engage learning & inspire substantive conversations! What's for FREE? LOTS! According to VP of Sales Vlad Gutkov