The Power of the PLN:Kindred Tech Spirits

I met Lucy Gray last night at the TIE/ISTE Leadership Bootcamp and she was just lovely!...and seeing this preso above it's like meeting another kindred tech spirit. (like our Geek Tribe family!) Must to give her a Geek Tribe ribbon! Now...i'll shut up and encourage you to scroll through that slideshare again....and then suggest that you send it to someone back at home who couldn't be at #lbc10, #ISTE10 or #ALA10.

I'm gonna be singing this same song at the sold out ISTE10 SIGMS Learning Tools Smackdown Tuesday 10am - our topic Network Building with IMCguy Chad Lehman. You can get a sneak peek 0n our wikipage and the visual imagery of our smack here!

i'm also thinking that this McCloud guy is a kindred spirit, too!

See all the great thoughts and tweets from his Leadership Bootcam session and some of my thoughts, too:
Scott Elias  ScottElias "Schools use a prohibition approach instead of a DUI approach." True story. /by @mcleod #lbc10

Ben Grey bengrey I have to wonder what % of the 1% of online safety issues could be resolved by giving kids access and teaching them to use it. #lbc10

gwynethjones gwynethjones @bengrey the kids who are "at-risk" on the interwebs are kids who are already "at-risk" - let's Empower & teach Awareness not safety #lbc10
Sheryl NussbaumBeach snbeach #lbc10 @McLeod Not trusting teachers with the Internet undermines trust.

Bud Hunt budtheteacher Scott @mcleod's question - "Are you treating technology differently than other disciplinary issues?" (We shouldn't be.) #lbc10

gwynethjones gwynethjones When districts apply "lazy unthinking filtering" rather than thoughtful selective filtering they're NOT TEACHING our kids to think! #lbc10

Basil Kolani bkolani who will teach our kids to be _empowered user_, not just safe, appropriate, responsible user? #lbc10

all about this amazing talk!
Breakout Session Presenter:Dr. Scott McLeod, Associate Professor and Director, CASTLE, Iowa State University

Session Title: Are your policies getting in the way of your progress?

Session Description: Many school organizations say that they want to make technology-related progress for staff and students. Closer examination of their internal policies and decision-making reveals, however, that their actions often conflict with their rhetoric. In this session we will discuss some of the policy-related disconnects between technology integration / implementation efforts and administrative practice.

Other great tweets:

cnorris10 "Practice professional generosity and it will come back to you." #lbc10
Bud Hunt budtheteacher "Goal of education is to create a citizenry." (Not a workforce.) - @chrislehmann #lbc10

Basil Kolani bkolani School is not preparation for real life. It IS real life. @chrislehmann #lbc10

ISTE is such a wonderful place to have your world rocked by great ideas...mind opened by challenging thoughts....and meeting face to face people you've admired, learned from, and connected with only on the intarwebs!


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