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Google+ Hangout with QR Codes!

We had an exciting day a few Friday's ago when we used Google+ to hang out with the 2nd grade gifted inclusion kids at Ms. Mensing's class from Sonoran Sky Elementary in Scottsdale, Arizona! Whew! That's a mouthful! But these kids were AWEsome! I taught a brief lesson on QR Codes in the Classroom (and Library!) all about where QR Codes came from, how they are different than regular bar codes, and how they are being used all over the world to transmit information like Text Messages, Video, and URL Web links via Mobile Media!QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom View more presentations from gwyneth jones Say What!? Audio QR Codes!
After that my 6th graders in Ms.
Torsani's Math class held up to the camera special QR Voice audio codes & written
messages they composed for the kids! QR Code Voice is a really cool
new resource! You just type in a short message (100 Characters) and
click and Voila! You get a QR Code that when scanned reads out in a
robotic voice your message! Sc…

You've Got Game: Wii Learning

Wii Learning: Engaging Students through Gaming TechnologyMonday January 9th - 8pm EST
with Matthew C. Winner and Meghan Hearn
Moderated by my friends & mentees the amazing Library Girl -Jennifer LaGarde & Mighty Little Librarian Tiff

The Nintendo Wii is a powerful tool for engaging your students and supporting math instruction. No need to be a gamer to score big points here. Learn the In's and Out's and experience lessons aligned with CCSC standards in Mathematics.

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