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Summer Reading 2018

The Summer Reading List is Here! 
I can't believe it's that time of year again! Time to share our Summer Reading List with you.
View & Download the  Middle School Summer Reading List Slideshare PDF or the original PDF (please forgive their use of Comic Sans, they know not what they do! See my shameful confession at the very end if you're curious)  

Here's my PDF without Comic Sans - you can Download it on Slideshare. 

Thanks to two of our HCPSS Middle School Librarians and our A+ partner  Librarians who have joined together to create this Super Fun Reading List for all the kiddos in our district! (or the world!)

Recommended Summer Reading Lists for the Whole Family!

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I Don't Mean to Alarm You

Hey gang! So, because of the snow we had this year, we're going all the way until June 19th! DOH! I mean, super! And if you're out of school already....well, I will try not to be salty about it, but I'm jealous baby! I'm looking at you Tiffany Whitehead! LOL (Baton Rouge, LA gets out EARLY!)

Around Memorial Day is when we start trying to get books back. Not from our active readers, but from those kiddos who have had books out for a long time. I'll share the back story below but the mobile suggestion right up front.
This way, you don't have to read me blather on (unless you want to!) to get this cool idea.  My lovely & wonderful Media Assistant Ms. Kathi Bell, came up with this, with a recommendation from her son (and good friend of our library) John Bell.

It's Alarming!
If a kid owes you a book, ask if they have their cell phone on them. My examples are for the Apple phones (because that's what I have) but I'm sure a similar technique works wit…