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8 Practical Tips for the Care and Feeding of the Reluctant Tech User

(This is a mirror post to the NEA Today Magazine article online and on  Pages 18-19 ,  under a shorter title - why did they change my title? I thought it was charming! They also only used one of my graphics, don't worry, I'll cry later- silent slow tears on my pillow) In technology (and in life!), sometimes you’re the teacher and sometimes you’re the student - and it’s completely normal to always be a bit of both. One day, you help a colleague learn the joys of the copy and paste keyboard shortcut, and the next day you’re learning how to create and edit a YouTube video or a Gabsee 3D animated Avatar ! So, whether you’re teaching or learning, or a bit of both, here are a few practical tips to make it a little easier for the reluctant tech user.   1. Make it Personal Teaching technology in isolation never works. But teaching tech with a personal twist works most every time.  When a reluctant tech user learns how to do something with technology centered around a s

Got Gabsee? 3D Augmented Reality Avatar

(WARNING - Lots of embedded videos - page may load slowly) Got the Gabsee App? I just got Gabsee and I love it! Gabsee is like an animated 3D version of Bitmoji but with an Augmented Reality twist.  Some are saying it's the " Bitmoji of the future — and illustrates a more personalized path forward for AR ." -The Verge  I say that it's a whole lot of fun, and I can see using it for program advocacy, as well as book and library promotion.  Please take 36 seconds to watch this amuse bouche iMovie intro to Gabsee that I created in a hotel room in Nashville - just in case Gabsee or Instagram was blocked in the school that was hosting the awesome #MNPSLibHack conference, (and guess what? It was! Whew!) Good thing I never rely on the Interwebs when keynoting & presenting! Then we'll get down to virtual brass tacks. Oh, and I have a little mini-rant below about how, yet again -- I'm a little late to the Gabsee party, and it's OK! Read