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Ticket to Ride: FREE Helpful Printables & Chromebook Management

Blog post ideas come from all kinds of places - including Instagram comments! In fact, one of the reasons I started this blog some 13 years ago was to share the content I made to help other people. Hate reinventing the wheel and I remembered when I was a baby Librarian I started with NOTHING. Was hoping to help to save someone else time and to remember what I did when, where, & how! So, now as I am a fully seasoned and experienced Librarian (and retiring!) I thought I would pass along some tickets, presentations, and printables that could be of some help. Before you try and download a copy of any of these -  Tech Tip - Log into your preferred Google Drive. If you get a message you need permission - that means you're not properly logged in. PLEASE Login and try again. Thank you! (Student Repair Ticket - Make a Copy ) Chromebook Repair, Loan, & Management This year has been ALL about our Chromebooks. Haven't had the time or the ability to teach much when every 5 minutes

FReadom to Read

Book Display • Books • Resources • Rant   Two blog posts in a row about our Library being a Safe Space for our LGBTQIA+ kiddos. Why? Because we're aggressively passionate about being allies to our kids. Also, the news is chock full of alarming examples where parents, school districts, and communities are NOT supporting the freedom to read. The democratic freedom to give ALL kids the choice to find books without censorship or barriers. It boils my blood! Why does it seem like we're going backwards with FREADom to read? So, I wanted to give you (dear reader!) an example of our Pride Month book display, our list of Fiction books, and how we promote it to our kiddos. Most of this post is copied from our Daring School Library Blog , Instagram posts , & what I shared through our Canvas community announcement. One of my most respected Library friends, Laura C. Davies (LOVE her!) who I met when I was keynoting the ASTE Tech Conference in Anchorage Alaska had this to say on my In