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Twitter: The Art of the Follow

The Art of the Follow: One of the hardest things on Twitter is to master is the art of the Follow. When I started I was so thrilled when ANYone followed me - I didn't look too closely and would immediately follow them back. Now...I follow selectively because useless chatter & only FourSquare posts does not move the conversation forward. ( Twitter Comic Tutorial At-A-Glance Part Deux that coordinates to this blog is below- thanks!) Here are a few thoughts on how to decide to follow. So I go to my special gmail account just for blogging & Twitter and I see an email notification that someone has followed me, or someone I admire lists them on a Follow Friday....or I see them as part of a conversation, a conference hashtag like #ISTE11 , or I admire something they've shared - I click on their profile link and here's what I am looking for when I check out their profile: 1 - Their ratio of follower s to people they are following. If I see it's about 1:1,

Adding Blogger Gadgets & Customizing Headers

I get really excited when, after I give a keynote or do a preso at a conference, people from those events contact me later with questions about new things they are trying that is making them feel that awkward growing feeling! Much like I felt a few weeks ago with creating my first Wikipedia page .... Several of these wonderful educators are trying to create new blogs and Twittering for the first time! A very close friend of mine (we went to grad school together - hey Kathy Glascock !) asked me for design help with her blog header another friend (not new to blogging) asked for design help with his blog header (Hey Chad Lehman!) Oh and I gotta say sorry... I'm not avail to make any more custom blog headers unless you throw tons of cash my way because I'm really busy now and I'd REEELY like an iPad! LOL So a lovely lady I met when I was the keynote at CASL - Robin Stiles emailed me last week and asked the following questions: "Ok, question for you...or maybe a couple. H

EduBlog Awards 2010 Nominations

The 2010 Edublog Awards – Nominations Open! Nominations: Close Friday 3 December! Voting: Ends Tuesday 14 December! Award Ceremony: Wednesday 15 December! The EduBlogger award nomination process is a wonderful opportunity Pay it Forward by recognizing those in our PLN for their hard work and generosity. Thank you all! (and I wish I could name more than one on several of these categories! Gah!) My Nominations: Best individual blog: Shelly Terrell , Teacher Reeboot Camp Always cutting edge, compassionate, and savvy - Shelley Terrel is a true web wonder! Best individual tweeter: Shannon Miller Shannon Miller has a zest for the new, the challenging, and is a true change agent in her school, district, & community! She also is one of Cengage/Gale and SLJ's 5 national new library leaders program! (me, too! YAY!) Best new blog: Sara Kelley-Mudie - K-M The Librarian Honest, fearless, and willing to share both triumphs and failures on her new blog, Sara Kelley-Mudie is an inspir