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Back to School Special:
7 Web Savvy Starts to a New Year!

It's back to school time again! Darn those Target & Office Depot commercials! Last year around this time I blogged about using Google forms to create community conversations and decorating your library media center & classroom. This year I'd like to invite you back by popular demand to a FREE TL Virtual Cafe webinar called Back to School Special: Savvy Starts to a New Year! Join yours truly & The Mighty Little Librarian Tiff (on right) for a casual discussion to generate ideas on how to build school allies, support new teachers & become indispensable to admin & staff at the beginning of every school year. Featuring how Google tools (forms, docs, & presentation, and more!) can supercharge the library program & classroom throughout the school year. For Teacher Librarians, classroom teachers, tech teachers, admins, & well...everyone! 1. Make this the Year that You Share Shamelessly! So many times we are reluctant to share what we creat

Dear Facebook, We Need to Talk

We need to talk. I'm seeing other people. I know I've been distant lately.  In fact, we never really talked about why I walked away from you for a while two years ago and I really feel bad about that. You wanna know why? I don't TRUST YOU! You're like that studly rockstar surfer / skatepunk boyfriend I dated briefly in college who threw those really AWEsome parties?! He was so cool but Oh so unreliable! So, I ditched him. He'd never been ditched before. Ha!   .....See? FB, you are so popular I couldn't resist you...even when I knew you were no good for me I kept overlooking your faults and taking you back. I HAD to have you but I really never liked it! You were slutty, shifty, & unreliable! ....especially with my personal information! You spilled my secrets without hardly a blink or an "I'm sorry!" I knew that. Everyone knew that. Where was my privacy? I had to keep tweaking things to feel safe around you and every other week or mont