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I have been collecting tweets, emails, reviews, love notes, thank you notes, and blog posts regarding some of the work that I have done with organizations and within my own school. This is the collaborative "reference letter" for my professional life. No bribing was done here, I swear!

Here's a list of 50+ speaking engagements I've given since 2009. Contact Info  

I don't usually post awards or recognition here (because my Mum would say it's tacky), but this highlighted quote kinda sums up my blog, voice, philosophy, & niche. 
"Her enthusiasm is infectious and the bright colours on the website are appealing. Her blog is more informal and personal than some of the others listed here, but it is clear that her approach is fun and accessible. 

I'm really not mad at that. At all.
What Say They?


Like, OMGosh - that's the best, right?

"This was the first time that I have seen this speaker and she set the tone for the entire conference with her enthusiasm and humoristic account of life as a middle school librarian, working between the lines and benefiting our key stakeholder -- children!!" - PSLA - Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Conference Evaluation - May 2018

"What was of greatest value to me was the fact that Gwyenth was not only a great presenter, but was did a great job of making her suggestions realistic to what can actually be done with an everyday classroom. Many times presenters give suggestions, but it only works for their library or in certain types of schools. The suggestions given during this session would not only work in all schools, but could easily be adapted for any type of library and/or district."  PSLA - Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Conference Evaluation - May 2018
"Gwyneth was funny and inspiring and everything she was motivating!" PSLA - Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Conference Evaluation - May 2018

"Gwyneth's talk really made me think hard about being more creative in my day to day work.  I am so glad to have met her and look forward to following her in her blog and on Twitter. This was an awesome Keynote!" - PSLA Conference Evaluation - May 2018

"Her speech was very motivational and was a great way to begin the conference.  It reminded me to continue thinking about what I will implement in the future, throughout the entire conference."
- PSLA Conference Evaluation - May 2018

"I loved that she was able to connect with so many others in the room using her vibrant personality and professional skill." - PSLA Conference Evaluation - May 2018

"The speaker has wonderful enthusiasm, and I enjoyed her presentation style. I hope to incorporate many of her technology suggestions and overall can-do spirit!"
- PSLA Conference Evaluation - May 2018

"Keynote provided many ways to engage students and incorporate technology to be effective in engaging students. I will be more prepared to advocate for tools that will assist students in the learning process."  - PSLA Conference Evaluation - May 2018


By the way, my name is annoyingly hard to spell!  It's all good. For a while there in 5th grade I really wanted to be called Lisa. 


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