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Got Charge? Inside My BYOD Charging Lockers

Using The Magic Words "Pilot Test!"   Last year I mentioned at the bottom of my Amazon Echo blog post that I was trying something NEW in our library, a BYOD Charging station.  It consisted of a tall AV cart with 2 USB charging hubs and I bought a bunch of multi-ended charging cords. It was on the honor system - come into the Media Center, plug in your device, check out a book or read, and charge while you were here. Still had my disclaimer, though! Your device, Your Responsibility It worked like a dream for months! Until one kid had a beef with another and a tablet, left on it's own over many class periods, went missing. Le sigh. Unbowed, undeterred, and stubborn as all get out, I went back to the drawing board!  Three years ago, while still on the ISTE Board of Directors, I was touring the fabulous Hillwood High School Library   in Nashville, and I saw this amazing bank of lockers in a school library that had electrical outlets in them! WOW! It blew my m

NEW Google Image Search Save

Google has quietly unveiled a super handy new way to search...and Save Google Images! I just stumbled across this and was like, Whaaat? It's super cool, but it's going to make my job trying to teach students (and teachers) NOT to just always use (and give sloppy attribution) Google Image Search instead of my beloved Flikr Creative Commons ! Gah!!! LOL When you're logged into your Gmail or Google and you go to Google Image Search, click on any image and you now see two little new buttons that say Save? and View Save? Try it! Voila!  But it's quirky! I just checked this morning when I got into school, logged in with my other Gmail account (you know we all have more than one, amirite?) and it didn't work! But when I logged into the one that I was on yesterday at home, all my saves were there! So, quirky!  Same computer, Firefox, maybe it's because it's NEW?   So, with anything new by Google - your mileage may vary.   Click for the full size exam