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The BIG MentorMob Playlist of Curation Tools

I think I've mentioned before in a previous blog post called MentorMob & the Secrets of the Remix Mash-Up YouTube Generation   that I came to MentorMob about a year after hearing of it from the amazing Dr. Joyce Valenza . I mention it only again because I don't want *anyone* to feel self-induced "tech guilt" for not trying a new tool right away! Sometimes you need to muse, meditate, and contemplate something new before jumping in with both feet. Sometimes you're just too darn busy!  LOL  Either way, however you get to a new tool, talent, or challenge - do it when YOU are ready! Long story medium, I am SO glad I did finally play with and master MentorMob last fall & it was so easy and the learning curve so gentle I felt I "had it" in less than an hour! UPDATE: Follow MentorMobEDU for all the latest education features & to connect with other Playlisters! Much different than the Learning Curve of 3 weeks for Second Life, 3 days for

PicMonkey is Pretty & Pretty Free for ISTE!

UPDATE from PicMonkey: Beloved educators, our cup ran-eth all over the place! Thank you so much for your interest in PicMonkey's special ISTE promotion for Gwyneth Jones' readers. Unfortunately, the promo code went wild on the internet and we, frankly, ran out. Here's hoping we see you at the next conference, and thank for your tireless dedication to your profession and the use of technology to rock learning. Sneaky Passionate Penny Pinching Coupon Code Thieving  Sites! [shakes first in slightly exaggerated fury] Sneaky Thieving Moms stealing our coupon code meant for EDUCATORS ONLY! Bah!  I guess it shows that my Twitter & my blog gets good traffic but it totally sucks that it got highjacked & people other than teachers are flooding the site! BOO! HISS! Not Cool! Original Post:  Short Story: PicMonkey likes teachers, is very responsive on Twitter, has been to ISTE, is creating a whole slew of back to school graphics to be released in Auguest,  & wants

#ISTE13 - San Antonio Highlights & FUN!

It's my last year serving you as your PK-12 Schools rep on the ISTE Board of Directors - and a bittersweet time. In the last four years it's been a lot of work but it's been a great honor (and FUN!) to represent school based educators, teacher librarians, and to be your big mouthed unfiltered advocate for what's really important, our kiddos! OK sweeties.... Here are some ISTE San Antonio events I'm excited about and some highlights: SUNDAY - June 23 1:30 – 3:00p.m. Conference Welcome/Member Kickoff   Hall A  Kick off your ISTE 2013 experience with "our exciting Opening Ignite Session! Nine presenters will have five minutes each to inspire, amaze and intrigue you in rapid-fire succession. Get tips for navigating the conference and a chance to win fabulous raffle prizes." 3:00 – 5:00p.m . Member Networking Fair, Tower View Lobby  -- Visit All 25 SIGs, Affiliates, Advocacy/ETAN, Young Educator Network, and other member communities who will showcase

Flipping Over Summer Reading!

This post is a jam-packed mélange of summer reading and literacy ideas, my hometown library of the year, big thanks, and a few shared guilty pleasures! I'm checking the Kindle Daily deals ...well, daily and loading up my Kindle App with books! That's right it's #SummerReading time!   Every year our Howard County school district summer reading list is compiled by Teacher Librarians and HoCo public librarians, and is jam packed with great recommendations! You can download the PDF below & and check out the Middle School List:  “Groundbreaking Reads!” 2013 MS Summer Reading List Final_with graphics Here’s the Grownup Summer Reading List for Parents & Teachers! 2013 Adult Summer Reading ListFINAL You can also visit my Summer Reading Wiki to see the lists from years past. For more #SummerReading sharing follow the Twitter hashtag, check out the Google Doc , and discover the Nerdy Book Club ! Top 10 Literacy Activities for the Summer   Check out these gr

5 Easy Tips to Making Out of This World Mini Moo Business Cards

One of the best, easiest, & cheapest ways to build your web presence and PLN is a simple business card. My district doesn't supply cards for teachers or librarians so it's up to us to make that investment in our profession (and write it off our taxes!). For years I've been won over by Moo printing products and I redesign my Mini Moo cards about twice a year! As you can see above and below, my latest design is very Whovian , with a glowing flying Tardis!***(UPDATE - not anymore!) Now it's all about Bitmoji & a QR Code Monkey with a Twitter logo in the center.  DISCOUNT OFFER : Get 20% off your first MOO Order by using my Referral Code! (I will also get a discount! So, that's a win - win, my friends!) But no matter where you get your business cards here's 5+ quick tips for making them out of this world! Try Template Tools If you design your card from scratch, use a template. Moo provides templates for all their products .  To use, I do