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IG Holiday Highlights & More!

Hello Blogosphere and Edu friends! Here are some of our recent IG Highlights from the Holidays, #makermondaycrafternoon, Winter Smash, #MHTVNews, and our MHMS Memory Book Cover artist winner!

WARNING: Because this post contains a LOT of Instagram embedded posts, it may take a bit longer to load.
At the very bottom of the page I have links to why having a professional School or Library or School Library Instagram is important.
Now, most of our kids love, I mean LOVE getting their pics taken for our Instagram. They often come up and ask me to take their pics on a special day, their birthday, or when they have a cool new pair of kicks. But some are a little shy. This young lady is is an example! But I showed these pics to her Mom, and she LOVED them and gave me permission to post! Hee hee hee. Don't worry, my sporty friend here is really super outgoing!
Moms gave me permission to post this! The total cuteness of these two pictures is undeniable! A post shared by @GwynethJones (@the…