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Lady Gaga on Twitter, Haters, & Change

I truly find Lady Gaga amazingly inspiring and motivational. She's a mega talented writer and rock star who truly cares for her little monsters, preaches acceptance and tolerance,  & is a powerful agent of change. The full video is embeded at the end of the post - but let's talk about some of the highlights and how they can teach us some important lessons. 1. Be happy to be here Lady Gaga says "I truly believe I have so many followers on Twitter just cause I write nice stuff! ...I don't whine, I don't make fun of anybody. I'm just happy to be here! " When it comes to Twitter, G+, or social media in general - just be happy to be here! Who wants to talk to a Debbie downer at at party, right? I mean, I'm going into the hospital tomorrow to finally replace my busted knee (no skateboarding, parkour, or surfing this season!) but I'm really gonna try NOT to whine, angst, or go on and on about it on Twitter in the next few weeks. My Twitter sh