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I Think Different: Macs Rule!

It came as no surprise to me to see that the CNN headline: Mac vs. PC: The stereotypes may be true that Mac computer ad campaigns have been spot on! Then dear Mashable of course picked up on that and gave us this brilliant infographic from Hunch , You see, I've been a MacGrrl since the beginning of the first foray into teaching with the web was when I brought into my school library a 14.4k modem and a 100 foot phone line - I dialed up to the University of Maryland's server because my district didn't have the Internet yet and Uof M gave teachers FREE dial up! Wheee! My MacLCIII was smokin hon! C'mon kids let's huddle round this puter & look up state information for our unit Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego! Then, when we opened our middle school school in 1997 we bought 200 PowerMac all in one 5200's that had the S-Video out so we could hook them up to a .....wait for it.....yeah 27" mounted TV! AND because it was a NEW school we pl

or How Flickr Slapped My Smugmug!

I’ve given this every year since 08 & every year I think of dropping it –But it’s always a hit & all cool new gadgets keep coming out that excite me! Teaching is NOT about the Gadgets – it’s about the kids & content…but gadgets are cool! And with the right gadget in the hands of an engaged student & inspired teacher – magic can happen! So let's talk tools & toys! Amazon with free super saver shipping usually wins. But sometimes if you just gotta have it NOW!…Just make sure to check the online price & availability at your local Best Buy store, and do print it out, & bring it with you! Go to the customer service desk & ask that they honor that price. Otherwise you could end up paying more? And Target? Yeah...they have great deals, too! It pairs with your iPad via Bluetooth. It can be viewed either landscape or portrait…the keyboard feels right and the case is strong enough to drop on cement ---AND M.C. Hammer says it’s great….what more do you need? Le

MSET Conference, Colbert, Crabs, & QR Codes

I'm putting the finishing touches on my presos for the MSET Conference , in Baltimore next week! Of course one of them is QR Code focused! (more on that below) The AWEsome Nick Ford may be the undisputed Captain of the QR Code Galaxy but I declare I'm the official QR Code Librarian for the movement! Zing! I'm so honoured & excited to have been asked to be a featured speaker at this my "hometown" ISTE affiliate technology conference - this will be my 14th consecutive appearance - as MSET (formerly MICCA) was where I got my start speaking about my passion for educational and being an agent of change. " This year's MSET conference will be filled with inspiring professional development workshops, concurrent sessions, and thought provoking keynote speakers to enhance your professional knowledge and skills. The MSET Market Place will provide an opportunity to check out the latest tech products and services. See live demos and speak with repres