Mini Moo Cards Arrive! WOW!

The Daring Librarian: New Moo Mini Cards with RED felt card giver!

As a newly elected member to the Board of Directors of ISTE i felt it was important to have a serious and professional business card to hand out at the Denver ISTE conference so that people could get to know me.. and feel my swagger!

New Moo Cards Arrive! \\FTW!// & W00t!

Photoshopped & Posterized @ 6 --- is the Photohop filter of POSTERIZE cliche? Is it the "curl page" of today?

Saturday the 29th of May i ordered (and blogged about) my Mini Moo cards online....and WOW! They're here! Let's count up those days...shall we? 10 days!!....I must say that's effing brilliant!

This is an inspiration blog!


  1. WTF!!! (As my kids like to tell me the translation is "Well That's Fantastic!!)

  2. They are so YOU!

    Enjoy the conference AND your board meetings. I'll be watching from afar!

  3. OMG...LOVE WTF! (Well, that's fantastic!) i've been using OMG! WTF! (Oh my goodness, Where's the Fire!?)

    Thank you for your kind words, oh ladies whom i admire (and virtually) stalk from afar!


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