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Back To School with Bitmoji

I swear to you, yet again, dear reader, that I am NOT a paid spokesperson for Bitmoji! In fact, they haven't even answered, commented, acknowledged, or even liked ANY of my Tweets or Instagrams or blog posts where I've mentioned them. I am just a total fangirl. A lonely neglected ignored (by them!) fangirl. Wow, that sounded pathetic & needy. Truth hurts. But here I am again sharing something NEW that Bitmoji has brought out that I think is pretty cool for teachers! W00t! They've created, just in time for Back to School, NEW Education themed cartoons. With these new graphics, you can make classroom door signs, positive behavior or badge programs, run off on self-adhesive stickers for easy cute student feedback or add to your SMS Canvas messages & emails home! You can download the Bitmoji and then add your name using PicMonkey . I've blogged before about how much I LOVE PicMonkey . (Still, not on their payroll - just a fangirl, but at least th