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Speed Dating by Book Genre: Personal Ads

I've blogged about Speed Dating With Books before - but I really fell in LOVE with this activity - it was a new take on it! I don't let just anyone guest blog here - they have to be someone I know, admire, & like! (So stop asking me start-ups & companies!)  But Mary Reilley-Clark aka @SEMSLibraryLady is indeed a personal friend of mine, and her latest activity was something that I wanted join in on and to share with you! I'm going to post the graphics I created, with her text, and at the very end of this post you will find links to Make a Copy and take the Google Docs, an Exit Ticket, and the Kahoot game, too! Stay tuned, my friends - this is going to be fun! From Mary's original Scoopit share: "We're speed dating this week. Several 6th grade teachers want their students to explore different fiction genres. I decided to make some personal ads ( larger picture & at the end of the post) for different genres or subgenres. I alr