Justin Bieber Has Overdue Books

Whoda thunk it! Justin Bieber has a very important public service announcement to tell you abooot! (he's from Canada..they say aboot!) With a special guest! Please don't be "THAT GUY" and bring back your library media books!

A video created for MHMS students but anyone is welcome to embed or use! (the KIDS Made me do it! - and funny...none of them (unusually!) wanted to do his voice!?) What!? LOL
Feel free to TAKE, Embed & USE! Also feel free to take The YouTubes Version

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Maclean’s Interview: Justin Bieber - The R & B sensation talks about Usher and Justin Timberlake, his mom and his fans, and what his swagger coach teaches him...

And to quote about that Swagger....which had me ROFLMAO

"Q: It’s been reported that you have a “swagger” coach. Can you explain to me what is that?
A: It’s pretty simple, it’s basically a swagger coach, he kind of teaches me, he helps me just stay swaggerific. I don’t know.

Q: What is it to be swaggerific?
A: You don’t know? I mean, it swaggers. It’s confidence, it’s style, I don’t know how else to put it. It’s swagger. It’s a word."

Music Credit: 14 seconds from iTunes


  1. "aboot" seriously, Gwyneth? Maybe if they're from Newfoundland, but not on the West Coast where we say "about" which rhymes with the fish... trout or shout. But curiously does not rhyme with route which we pronounce as if it were spelled root. Gotta love English, without doubt.
    A fellow librarian and northern neighbour. (Note the spelling, not an error here.) :)
    The WebFooted Booklady

  2. spot on dear neighbour! & i'm sorry if my silly SNL inspired blabberize offended you or anyone! ...just, all good fun! - as for aboot...yeah, i DO have a friend from Newfoundland and that's what i based it on! LOL my bad! but yeah, I say about=trout and route=root English = gotta love it, indeed! and i happen to spell humour, rumour, and flavour! the "our" mostly because i'm pretentious but also because i read so many British children's books as a kid. Secret Garden was a fav!

  3. It's "our" way of writing words "or" you can use the other way!

    Our way- humour, neighbour, flavour, behaviour!!

    Cheers :-)

    I love that you are using a popular figure to engage your audience with a special message!!


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