Hey there!

My next appearance is at the PSLA Conference in Hershey, Pensylvania!

I will be delivering the opening keynote on Thursday and two sessions on Friday.

The Hershey Lodge is the venue and I'm super excited about this sweet opportunity.

Yes, I had to go there!

I will also be presenting in Kansas this summer.

Interested in having me visit your group? I'd be honored! Email or fill out the form below, thank you!

My top keynotes & presentations right now are:
Choose to be Fierce & Future Ready

Our world is not changing back. In the tumult of today's technical and pedagogical innovation, it's time to take action! As fierce and future ready educators our language has shifted to connect, collaborate, create, construct, make, flip, share, advocate and empower to move forward into the universe of rigorous instruction. This session will make sense of the sensational and decode the Babel of buzzwords. You needn’t choose to adopt and change everything in your tech tool bag - but picking just one or two new things to try, can transform your professional practice. Choosing to be an EdTech Trooper and a change agent within education isn't easy - but it's ultimately rewarding for administrators, teachers, librarians, and students! Doing the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, is optional. (127 words)

 With so many buzzwords out there in relation to ed tech devices, trends, and innovative teaching strategies, it's easy to feel lost in space! This session will demystify, define, and give clear examples of how to navigate to the latest curricular kicks without guilt tripping the educator.  Topics will include: How to connect and collaborate global classrooms with Skype and YouTube Life hangouts. How to encourage and support BYOD & implement Apps in school, (Skype, YouTube Live, Twitter, Instagram, Boomerang, Bitmoji, Gabsee, YouTube, Flocabulary, BrainPop, SnapChat, and more). How utilize social media modeling and leadership as a communication transparency tool for educators with students, parents, PLN, and the community. How to become a fearless beta testing teacher who is able to welcome change and embrace the fail.

This session will introduce the Makerspace movement, and explain: how to get started for less than $350; how to craft a brain - based classroom with what you have or what you can get on the cheap at discount stores; how to find funding for tech innovations if you don't have the budget; how to easily Flip the classroom, issues around the digital divide, and how to modify or do a partial flip.

This Star Wars Trooper themed interactive and audio-visually rich conversation (video, mobile, social, & crowdsourcing) will tap audience experiences, ideas, and expertise to bring us all together to tackle the often confusing and intimidating universe of ed tech trends with positivity and professionalism. All resources with examples & lesson plans will be available on this dedicated session website.

Check out:Flickr Gallery of images and slides for this presentation 
external image 16332798540_7414ed3a8b_c.jpg
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  1. what resources do you use to teach research skills?

  2. Hi Murrell, thanks for your comment! But, WOW! That's a big question! I guess my first stop are our Research Databases. We here in Maryland are lucky to have access to many databases including SIRS, EBSCO, Macin Via, and World Book Online. I would definitely start with those! If your OKCPS school district doesn't supply access to one or more of those, contact your local library to see what is available for your kids & community! Cheers! ~Gwyneth


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