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RP: Why your major academic conference doesn’t have (good, free) wireless internet

Brilliant Blog Posting - Really a Must Read for Conference Planners! --- and here are my thoughts: Brilliant! Thank you for this!!!…..Reliable, fast, and consistent Interweb access at conferences has been a source of constant consternation. Since NECC in Atlanta, AASL Pittsburgh, to NECC DC and AASL Charlotte (and other conferences in between)…Internet access has been frustrating! Aunty Tech aka Donna Baumbach compiled a free virtual AASL with links to the archive of Tweets here: If you want to see the reactions RT also I blogged about my experiences at AASL Charlotte and access was a sore point! I also really resent having to pay upwards of $15 a day for Internet access in high end conference hotels…How come the Comfort Inn and the Hampton Inn can provide free Internet but the Sheraton and the Browns Palace can or will not?? I AM going to ISTE 10 in Denver….& I’m really psyched about it! But I do have concerns about accessibility because tho

It's Xtranormal to Blabberize and GoAnimate!

Part 1 of a 3 part series I'm proud to say today's blog is being posted on the front page of ISTEconnects ! It's going to be a series in 3 parts. Click here for the link to the full posting - by the way, I'm having problems bringing this up in Firefox!...maybe it's just me but it works dandy for chrome & safari....weird! Oh and here's a BONUS! "If there's one form of entertainment that perfectly encapsulates the first decade of the century, it's the viral video - as our attention spans shrink, we want our laughs in shorter and shorter doses."

Thank you Edublog, Dear Readers & Voters!

Edublogs awards – Thanks! OMG! This is better than getting flowers at work! "Thank you so much to all of the people who took the time to vote for Library Media Tech Musings and other blogs that were nominated in the 2009 edublogs awards. The category of Best Library/Librarian blog was taken out by the wonderful, gorgeous, amazing and my personal goddess & guru Joyce Valenza and her extremely useful “ Never ending search ” blog. The amazingly cool Australian Bright Ideas blog was fortunate to be awarded “First runner up.” And I got third runner up! Whoohoo! I was totally psyched just to be nominated and share the stage with gurus and amazing educational technology professionals that I have followed & admired for years! All of the blogs and wikis nominated were of an extremely high standard and the shortlists provide an excellent way to find great blogs to follow. Best wishes for the season and hope you have a safe and happy time. Thank you to all the readers of the blo

Steampunk Sir Bolt and Cecily Blabberize about ISTE10

New Video featuring That sexy Steampunk clank Sir Bolt and his hot redheaded admirer Cecily! Cecily Confesses her True Feelings!

ISO: The Perfect Pocket Video Cam - Must have Jack & Swivel!

Finding the best flip style pocket video camera has been never ending search of mine for years. I started with the Small Wonder vs. the Flip and ended up as a Flip grrl - see my wiki for more ! But even though I've been very monogamous with the Flip I've had my eyes open for an upgrade... The Mino was a step up with the sleek smaller size and the rechargeable lithium battery....but I still wanted MORE! Ahhh yes, the perfect school pocket video cam - one that kids & teachers can take on field trips, use for vlogging, TV Studio production, school special events, classroom presentations and for quick multimedia production. Not necessarily the best of the best in quality but tough and easy to use and I think we're getting close! Before I start my tech search criteria I have to come clean about something ....I have an unrepentant tech crush on über cool media specialist and SLJ "Test Drive" columnist Jeffrey Hastings ... He has been my gadget guru for years. I

Voting is Now Open For The 2009 Edublog Awards!

Photo Credit: Second Life Jokadia Island "You can now vote for your favorite education-related blogs — voting for the 2009 Edublogs Awards is open until December 16th. Here you can learn details of the voting, see all the nominees, and begin voting at The 2009 Edublog Awards ! You can see who I nominated at My Nominations For The Edublog Awards 2009 . I was SO honored to be nominated in the Best Library/Librarian Blog category (thank you to Shelly Terrell and all of you who nominated me!), but the really important thing about these awards is that they provide an opportunity for everybody to learn about great blogs and other resources out there that can be helpful to our teaching. There’s an “embarrassment of riches” in the education blogosphere!" Ok, let me fess up....the above text totally snagged & adapted from the super duper fabulous ed tech blogger Mr. Larry Ferlazzo !! And yes! i did nominate him and he's AMAZING! I know i should be all low key and cool about

Live Thursday! Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation: ISTE SIGMS FREE Webinar

Live Thursday! Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation: ISTE SIGMS FREE Webinar : Live Long & Animate! by gwyneth " Media Marketing Through Easy Animation " Thursday, December 10 at 8pm EST/7pm EST/6pm MST/5pm PST Presenter: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones Promoting your library media center and program has never been easier. Using quick, free, and easy animation studios teacher librarians can create engaging videos to market their media center, databases, research resources, special programs, and their love of reading to students, teachers, and the community. Combining easy animation with a wiki, website, or a blog your message will captivate your audience and reach beyond the brick and mortar walls of your school. Watch this Xtranormal animation to get a "taste" of the webinar. Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation Directions to join the SIGMS webinar event 1. Check that your computer is set up for Adobe Connect by visiting Adobe Co

Caledon Oxbridge University in Second Life

from the Caledon Oxbridge University Wiki : "Caledon Oxbridge was originally founded as a collaboration between NCI and the Independent State of Caledon . It provides a complete Second Life tutorial for new residents. Based on the theme of an old English university, the Orientation is spread over six "Colleges", each covering a different area of the Second Life interface and world: Avatar Motion, Camera Controls, Communications, Search & Inventory, Avatar Customization, and Money & Commmerce. The tutorial experience includes not only traditional orientation posters, but also interactive exercises, free full avatars, and prizes. Caledon Oxbridge also incorporates three "Residence Halls", offering a short term apartment and prim allotment to new players, and a branch of the Caledon Library." Here's an introductory video about Caledon Oxbridge University! Visit in-world! Here's the SLURL (you will need to already be a member of Secon

Share Out Loud: Join the Wiki!

Pointing to Effective Practice, Join the Wiki! Joyce Valenza, in her SLJ NeverEndingSearch Blog, writes that we need to share out loud! " One of the big issues in our field is that we do not have a clear way to point to effective practice. What does our best stuff look like? Considering our relatively new ability to share so much of our programs online, this should not be a problem. So, let's start collecting and sharing out loud. " Sometimes when re-vamping or starting a school library blog, website, or project it would be nice to see what others have done to get a fresh outlook and a new perspective! Join in! For more, read the rest of her blog and join the newly re-purposed School Library Websites Wiki! If you haven't joined Wikispaces before you will have to do that first, then click Join this Wiki and once we get your join wiki request we'll add you right away!