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I Want YOU! Free, Virtual, & Global

I want YOU! to experience the Amazing Personal Learning Network (PLN) that we are....Free, Virtually, and Global!  The Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference - October 3 - 5 "The virtual Library 2.012 conference is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries. Held worldwide over the course of two days, with 150 sessions and 10 keynotes, subject strands include physical and virtual learning spaces, evolving professional roles in today's world, organizing and creating information, changing delivery methods, user-centered access, and mobile and geo-social information environments. Attendance is free; sign up at Library 2012 to attend or to be kept informed." -- from the #Lib20102 site! The beauty of a global virtual FREE series of conferences? You pick your time, your expert, your topic, put on your bunny slippers, & soak in the learning and become a leader in your district! Why do we need to do all

BWAD: How to be a Ninja Warrior Filter Fighter!

Life is not filtered . But the Internet is - at my school. What are we teaching the kids?  How can we teach knowledge, discernment, and ethics without giving them a chance to make good choices and yes, sometimes mistakes? Celebrate: Banned Websites Awareness Day "AASL has designated October 3 as the second annual Banned Websites Awareness Day. To raise awareness of the overly restrictive blocking of legitimate, educational websites and academically useful social networking tools in schools and school libraries, AASL designates one day during Banned Books Week as Banned Websites Awareness Day. AASL asks school librarians and other educators to promote an awareness of how overly restrictive filtering affects student learning. The Freedom to Read Foundation and the ACLU are also supporters...." from AASL, Sept. 25; FTRF Blog, Sept. 25 Complimentary BWAD (Banned Websites Awareness Day) Webinar Join us! How to be a Ninja Warrior Filter Fighter!  Presenter: Gwyneth J

Back to School Special: Rocking the New Year!

Monday, Sept 10 8pm EST -- You're Invited! Join yours truly, The Mighty Little Librarian Tiff, and fellow Mover & Shaker Jennifer LaGarde for a casual discussion at the TL Virtual Cafe to generate ideas on how to build school allies, support new teachers & become indispensable to admin & staff at the beginning of every school year. Featuring how Google tools (forms, docs, & presentation, and more!) interactive Wikis, and school blogs, can supercharge the library program & classroom throughout the school year. For Teacher Librarians, classroom teachers, tech teachers, admins, & well...everyone! Reflective & Raring to Go! Hopefully we've all had a great summer taking time & tide to reflect on our program & practice and are ready & raring to make this new school year ROCK! I know I am! My summer was super busy with the awesome ISTE conference in San Diego, camping out at my parents house in Annapolis because of the East Coast Derecho , a