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6 Tips to a Super Twitter Profile

Hey gang! Well, after re-vamping my blog header ( Teaching Good: Branding Evil ) I took a serious look at my professional Twitter profile and changed it, too! Though, I admit - I'm still not used to it but I'm giving it a whirl! I changed my Twitter profile. Added my real name & I decided to break from my fav avatar & use my real photo. Trying it for now, at least! — Gwyneth Jones (@GwynethJones) February 8, 2016 Besides, it's good to practice what I preach. One of the presentations I do when I'm a keynote or a spotlight at Tech conferences is Tweet Like a Ninja (part of the Ninja series) so I thought I would expand on the 6 tips to a super Twitter professional profile for those who are new to Twitter or have been thinking of a similar re-vamp! Please note my disclaimer below & then here we go! Here are the 6 Easy Tips or Steps to a Super Twitter Profile!   1. Put Your Best Face Forward! First thing - BREAK Your Twitte