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Sweet Search 2Day & School TV Studios

Learning Something Every Day! Mark Moran of Finding Dulcinea told me in Denver about this AWEsome new site that Sweet Search created and was launching for schools but it wasn't ready yet for me to tell you, dear reader ...until NOW! YAY! As someone who helps to run a TV Studio every day in their school this site is going to be a lifesaver! Our MHTV studio uses news sources on our MHTV Wiki like Britannica's to create our national news stories. We also feature local news, weather, entertainment & sports... it's a daily TV news broadcast created FOR kids BY Kids . But sometimes we can't find anything appropriate for Middle Schoolers or newsworthy! So this Sweet Search Today site is going to be a one stop shop, baby! : Welcome to MHTV Daily Teen News! by gwyneth Sweet Search 2Day features brilliant "Of the Day" information, sweet regular features, links to the latest news - Google, BBC, & CBBC NewsRound (such as if Harry

Social Media Dim Sum: Tasty Bites You Can Try

Social Media Dim Sum: One Small Plate at a Time I love my PLN! When I have an idea I am struggling with I can go to them and ask for opinions, brainstorming, & help and - I get it! Here was my idea: a graphic that showed the tastiest bits of a PLN all in one place setting...with a side dish of other ways to build your PLN that were a bit more....ummm challenging. The main plate features those parts of my Personal Learning Network that are the most significant to me: Twitter , Flickr , Google (Gmail & Google apps) Nings ( Classroom 2.0 , Teacher Librarian Ning , MSET , ISTE Community ) Wikispaces and Sqworl . In the side of the bowl and just as important the Discovery Education Network . The side bowl features parts of a PLN that are significant, but that take more effort & time commitment: Second Life & Blogging. I'd like to reassure those new to network building that they need not try the virtual worlds of Second Life and blogging right away but can a

How to Create a Digital Signature

A month or so ago I had to coordinate getting the video releases of all those on the ISTE Smackdown panel...and to get them to sign the release - electronically. The ISTE video release was a . PDF and like I've never signed a . PDF before electronically - I *have* signed & faxed them to make it easier I converted the . PDF into a .DOC and then did a little research and found a good resource with tips on How to Sign Documents Electronically I think the easiest way is sign your name with a black sharpie on white paper and take a celly pic of it, crop & convert to . jpeg - insert picture Voila! Now I may be the only person who did not know how to do this - but just in case there is just one other person out there... I thought I would share this with y'all! International Reader Shout Out: Belgium ! From the mind of Agatha Christie came a fictional detective who was my first introduction to the country of Belgium. That's right...Hercule Poir

The Old Spice Guy, Heated Librarians, & Fresno

This short response from a Fresno Library Tweet the @oldspice guy seems to have made all the librarians go WILD this week - some even saying he should be the keynote for the next ALA or AASL conference. Hmmm I think they got Almost TOO excited. According to the vastly pithy & amusing gershbec "I've been listening to librarians tweet about Old Spice all day because he responded to a librarian's tweet. It's nuts. ...jokes about how he should be the ALA speaker, I mean kudos to wawoodworth for the idea, but let's be honest... He tweeted something, the marketing campaign is answering EVERYONE's questions, it's not like they're into libraries ... How to get librarians excited...have some marketing campaign mention libraries. " Now, while I'm terribly amused by the ad campaign, LOVE parodies, am a frequent visitor (if you're offended easily, please do not visit the site! you, but that's you!) .... I really don

ISTE10 Learning Tools Smackdown - The Video

ISTE10 SIGMS Forum: Learning Tools Smackdown ! No sitting on the ropes! Bring your most effective learning tools to the ring. Categories: digital storytelling, reading promotion, information fluency, and digital citizenship. Join Joyce Valenza, Gwyneth Jones, and other speakers for this event. For a full line-up and ALL the Resources & Goodies visit our Wiki! Visit Chad Lehman's & my Network Building Page Want to watch the video in a larger size? Visit ISTE Vision !

Be a South Park Character

Pretty Cool, huh? How did I do it? Keep Reading! Ever want to be a South Park Character? You can, with SP Studios ! Create your South Park Character & Change Backgrounds! - To save take a screenshot & crop! Apple : Control + shift + 4 Make sure to save one Cartoon with OUT a background for photo fun inserting "yourself" into other pictures... With Photoshop go to Magic Eraser & take out backgorund and save as a .PNG. Now you can insert your cartoon into any background! To get this FREE How-To Cartoon: Go to my Steam Powered Wiki & grab it!

ISTE10 Conference Reflection:
Leadership and Cheese Cubes

WARNING : Much like my AASL-Charlotte debrief this is bound to be a bit stream of conscience and edited over a few days. Background: This was a very special & crazy busy ISTE for me. After being newly elected to the board of directors of ISTE I had duties for my new position that would sometimes interfere with my ability to hang out at the Bloggers' Cafe, the SIGMS 21st Century Playground, and the SIGVE Second Life playground ....AND go to all the sessions I wanted to. But in all honesty? ...being able to go greet & thank attendees, vendors, & poster presenters on behalf of the board and serve was both a joy and an honor. (and fun!) The other ISTE board members and the amazing full time ISTE staff (more about them below!) were so awesomely welcoming and helpful! Especially Annette Smith and her amazing crew from Wisconsin and Mike Lawrence and his crew from CUE! See Annette Smith dancing the Affiliate dance! I got a LOT out of the Leadership Bootcamp by lurking o