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Gwyneth A. Jones - The Daring Librarian:

Global Ed Tech leader and Social Media consultant. Enthusiastic builder of brand evangelism, community involvement, and zealous engagement.

After 30 years of being a Teacher Librarian, Gwyneth has taken an early retirement to lend her expertise, Social Media following, and Ed Tech know-how as a Global Educational consultant and speaker.  

She's also a blogger, a Tweeter, an International Keynote EdTech & Librarian speaker, a trope and meme archivist, creator of content, a citizen of advocacy, and a resident of social media. Gwyneth is a Google Certified Innovator, a PBS / MPT American Graduate Champion of Change, Teacher of the Year, and the author of the award winning The Daring Librarian blog. In recognition of being a change agent in her field, Ms. Jones was named an Innovator and one of 50 international Movers & Shakers 2011 by Library Journal Magazine and one of 15 Librarians to Follow on Instagram by Scholastic. She's also been named a Gale/Cengage New Leader, and the Best of the Best and a Visionary Leader by Teacher Librarian Magazine.

As a leader of Education Technology, Ms. Jones was honored to have been elected twice to the ISTE Board of Directors representing all PK-12 educators and school librarians. Her work & writings have been featured in the New York Times, NEA Today Magazine, Information Today Magazine, The Washington Post, and the Huffington Post. Admittedly, she’s also a goofball, a geek, and ridiculously humble.

Third person aside:
Here's an interview by Middleweb called: A Daring Middle Grades Librarian I gotta admit, Middle school was my JAM!

If you should ever need to contact me with questions or fabulous invites, you can find me on:
Internet email: gwynethanne @ gmail (dot) com (preferred)
Photo by Adam Bellow

Shameless Swagger:
PBS / MPT American Graduate Champion 2015
Library Journal's Top 50 Movers & Shakers 2011
Teacher Librarian Magazine - Visionary Leader 2012
ISTE Board of Directors - PK-12 Representative 2010-2014
GOOGLE Certified Teacher - #GTAWA11
PBS/ MPT NTTI Teacher of the Year 2001

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The Daring Librarian Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Slideshare, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Scoopit, Daring School Edublog, YouTube Channel, Top Contributor Trip Advisor, Yelp, & Virtual Steampunk Second Life 


  1. Hi you please send your Instagram

    1. Sure! It's https://www.instagram.com/thedaringlibrarian
      It's also listed on my Twitter profile & embedded several of my blog posts about Instagram - but here ya, go...whoever you are! :-)

  2. I'm excited about my new book and would love to have you review it. Check it out on my website

    50 Real Heroes for Boys teaches young boys everywhere that being a man only requires being yourself―but your best self. Bright, colorful portraits by over a dozen international artists accompany true stories of men who knew that character―things like integrity, kindness, empathy, courage, respect for women, and more―mixed with their own unique gifts―art, athletics, creativity, dance, music, curiosity, and more―could make the world a better place.

    Readers will find Jackie Robinson, who used courage to break barriers in sports; Jim Henson, who used humor to uplift the lives of millions; Dav Pilkey, who used perseverance to push through dyslexia and become one of the world's most successful children's book authors; and many more!

    The book also includes dozens of stories of women like Marie Curie and Jane Goodall, because boys can have women heroes too!

    Written by marriage and family therapist Christy Monson, 50 Real Heroes for Boys reminds boys everywhere what true masculinity is all about.

    1. Thank you for reaching out and congrats on your book! Though it sounds super (and it's available on Amazon!) my blog isn't a book review blog - it's more of a tech & how-to blog - I'm also a Middle Grade focused educator. But good luck to you! ~Gwyneth


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