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MSET Learning Tools Smackdown - Baltimore

Prizes! Interactive!Collaborative!
1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Session 3 - Room 327
Baltimore Convention Center

This interactive, energetic, sharing session will highlight the best new tools in a variety of categories. Members of a panel of technology educators from several different counties, subjects areas, and grade levels will share their top picks and invite audience members to contribute by coming to a central microphone. All ideas generated will be added to a Learning Tools Smackdown session wiki, the MSET Ning and shared with the community!

Smackdown Panelists:
Andrea Christman
Melissa Grabill
Kyra Kreinbrook
Geordie Paulus -
MICCA Outstanding Technology Leader 2009
Matthew Winner
Danielle Dunn
Gwyneth Jones -The Daring Librarian
Aaron Smith - The Art Guy
Selena Ward - The Tech Tiger!

adjunct Smackdown contributer:
Brenda Anderson - ISTE Professional Development Chair Imagine,
Innovate, Inspire: Piecing Together My Learning Journey

will share their picks for most effective tools for en…

Where's Blue Bear and Thank you ALL!

Is He in Outer Space With Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura , and the Gorn?

Is He in the Steampunk City of New Babbage Second Life?
On the roof of Red's Revenge Factory & Public House?

ISTE | Where's Blue Bear? Contest

Join in on the Fun! Click above to See the Rules and Directions for the Where's Blue Bear contest....Enter for a change to win an iPod Touch or Digital Camera. Join the Flickr Group to see ALL the fun pictures uploaded already!

Thank You ALL!

The Votes are in - and I'm your next PK-12 ISTE Board of Directors Representative!

Pinch me! I'm just that excited!

Thank you Doug Johnson for creating this very unusual and fun picture and for your kind blog post Gwyneth wins ISTE board seat which set me to blush!

I also want to say thank you to my friend Diane Cordel and her kind blog post Gwyneth Get's it Done! I am honored and proud to have been elected to the ISTE Board of Directors. Hope to see everyone in Denver this summer when I shall officially st…

Are You Suffering from ALA Laryngitis? - Deadline Friday

I believe in Sara Kelly Johns and i voted for her...and I hope you will consider voting for her, too!

SKJ is running for ALA President....I've met her...and she's cool... not only is she cool, she's smart, approachable, passionate and she really cares about our customers....our kids! And that's why i'm posting a guest message from her - my first ever! ...Because voting this year is down for ALA! Can you believe it? We're in a crisis situation for libraries in this country and we need smart, savvy, passionate leadership most of all! and our voting is down? Gah! So please take a min to read the below....(By the way in a related aside...the Library Crisis Webinar with Buffy J. Hamilton and Chris Harris is tonight at the TL Virtual Cafe!)

Now..from Sara Kelly Johns:

Are You Suffering from ALA Laryngitis?
Vote by Friday in the ALA Elections!

"In a speech Hillary Clinton gave as a First Lady. She said, ‘If you don’t participate, you’re going to leave it to those who…

Creating the Daring Librarian Brand

Welcome to my newly re-designed blog!!

Library Media Tech Musings is out...
and The Daring Librarian Blog is in!

Huh? Why? How? Meh? Eep!

Ok...So...a few months ago i was inspired by several my awesome geek squadders, Twitter PLN, and the School Library Web Presence webinarand decided that though i felt i was a few years late going transparent (a constant inspiration, Buffy J. Hamilton - the Unquiet Librarian branded herself in '07, Selena Ward - The Tech Tiger, Aaron Smith - The Art Guy, etc.), i knew that in this precarious moment in school librarianship and my growing involvement with ISTE, i really should bite the bullet & brand myself. not for my ego (which is, of course, massive! ;-) but to consolidate my message. Dan Schwabel said it best:
"...You are your Google results and people are wanting to find you online. If you aren't visible you don't exist, nor will get the opportunities you are working hard for. Another important factor is that you need to…

A Nation Without School Librarians

(click above for interactive map)
"This map marks the cities, towns, communities, and states that have made the decision to either eliminate certified school library positions (indicated in blue) or require one school librarian to work with two (2) or more school library programs throughout the week (indicated in red).

Although hundreds of studies show the impact that School Librarians have on student achievement, these school districts believe otherwise.

Let's compare the student achievement scores without a school librarian in a year or so to discover what thousands of library supporters already knew.

School Librarians DO make a difference!"

a Google Maps Project created by Shonda Brisco - Assistant Professor / Curriculum Materials Librarian - Oklahoma State University

Shonda...thank you so much for your passion, time, and talent to create this visual epitaph for the sad passing of vibrant learning and support for kids in our nation's schools. this map br…

Learning & Fired Up About The Blind Side

i'm posting my Tweets and blogging them...cause i have more to say

gwynethjonesmy eyes are red & puffy, been crying for 2 hours, mostly happy tears. darn you The Blind Side..!! AWEsome movie!

gwynethjones BlindSide: why did Quinton Aaron not get more attention? i saw Precious & now this-both amazing performances-but he wasn't given the same accolades?

gwynethjonesThe Blind Sides Quinton Aaron RL story just as heartwarming as Michael Oher. Why are only Aussies & Brits writing about it?

"Rising star Quinton Aaron: I was about to be made homeless when I landed role in hit film The Blind Side"
"AT 6ft 8in and 33 stone, Quinton Aaron had spent much of his life struggling to fit in.Just 12 months ago, and holding down a job as a security guard, he was about to be evicted from his home.Then his life was turned upside down as he was cast in the surprise smash hit The Blind Side opposite Sandra Bullock.The heart-warming film cost £…

Colbert Makes iPad Salsa

iPad Salsa....Mmmm Mmmm Nom nom!

"Stephen Colbert got his hands on an iPad last night. He said it's good for emailing, shading the sun from your eyes, and making salsa. He also pointed out that it's just like an iPhone -- you can't make calls from it."
Watch:The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cStephen Gets a Free iPadwww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care Reform

Cause Stephen Colbert makes the cream cheese wrapper funny!
MMmm salsa! Must to get me one of those fancy salsa makers
that also does some other stuff! But wait, there's more!
Get a Kindle, too cause it's easier on the eyes darlings
trust me.

Loves me my kindle!

There's room for all kinds of new does not need to replace another... BUT the backlight on the iPad is not comfortable for long reading - it can't show websites that utilize flash (WTF!?) and the battery power & charge is lame compared to the Kindle....but yeah, i'…