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A Library In Every Pocket: Virtualizing Your Library for Mobile Learning

Not if, but when your school turns to mobile learning, will your library be ready? Information technology presents librarians with an opportunity to facilitate the transition to mobile learning. Facilitators, which will include a student panel, in this hands-on, BYOT session will highlight strategies to virtualize library services for tiny screens. Participants will practice using tools for building virtual, hand-held libraries, and will leave this session with a toolkit to expand virtual library services. I'm both happy and sad to say that our Pre-Conference workshop at #AASL13 ( American Association of School Librarians ) is S OLD OUT! W00t! Sad because I feel in a way this blog post is a tease, 'cause if you're not already booked it's too late but happy because that's always the worry that no one will show up! Three years ago I blogged about this topic , but things have changed since then! We can't wait to share some new ideas &

Growing Up in Second Life

Image aren't created in SL you're born....and you're born with ugly skin and hair and the rest is up to you and the amount of Lindens you spend or savvy shopping skilz.... i was smart/foolish enough to take screen shots from the very beginning....though i CRINGE at my early pics i'm gonna share them with you! i have pics from my first day in-world on orientation island...when i had a torch stuck to my hand and i couldn't figure out how to detatch it!! i had bad hair, bad skin, and the clothes! OMG! my first outfit....i cringe now when i see was only $10L now with my Lila skin...on West of Ireland wearing a Touch of Ireland outfit the hair was still really bad! Exploring the Liquid Heat build for Halloween wearing my little red riding hood costume from Touch of Ireland and the first picture at the top of this post is how i look now that i've gone Steampunk full time....i LOVE tophats with goggles! Since i have a few friends who