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Google+ Hangouts: Cool Conversations and BookTalks Without Borders

This is a story about Sister Libraries, Twitter, Google+ Hangout, and connecting kids! It all started with a Tweet by my dear friend & Tweep  Tiffany Whitehead aka The Mighty Little Librarian and her awesome BFF EL teacher Alaina Laperouse both of Central Middle School in Baton Rouge Louisiana! She had been inspired by a Tweet she had seen about sister classrooms started between @ heisereads and @ brianwyzlic - you know, like sister cities? She said she wanted a sister library & I was like I'm willing!! After a few Tweets back and forth a bit to establish time zones (because I'm an idiot when it comes to time zones!) we finally got our kiddos to meet and chat using Google+ Hangout! I've connected with classrooms before using Google Hangout before & blogged about it - but this was different, this was establishing a steady partnership! Our first chat happened in Kristin Cullison's classroom with her 6th grade research seminar class (and

Darling Slideshare, We're Stacking the Decks!

@Slideshare , my favourite presentation & file sharing site, is celebrating 10 Million  Presentations Uploaded to SlideShare by creating the infographic  below -- and astoundingly, the featured me! (I know, crazy right!?) So...of course I have to share it with you! (and my Mom! LOL)  Also featured on the infographic is the presentation that changed my graphical & preso life and is one of the most viral slidedecks on earth... You Suck at Powerpoint! by the amazing, inspiring, & social media guru JesseDee !  (View the Large Size) 10 Million Uploads: Our Favorites from SlideShare Funny thing is, they were kind enough and I was honored, flattered, and chuffed that they featured me but they got my brand name wrong.  They labeled me the "Darling Librarian" instead of the "Daring Librarian" I mean, I *can* be darling if given the chance & with my friends and loved ones! Here's my comment from their blog: "OhMyWordSli

QR Code Loo Reviews & Pocket Videos

Promote Reading With QR Code  Loo Reviews & Pocket Videos!  Here's a fun idea! Combine QR Codes that link to video book trailers on a laminated sign taped to the back of a bathroom stall door that says "Do NOT Scan These!" and you should get the kids streaming into the high school library to check out books!  Let's face it, kids sneak their smart phones into the bathroom to check their text messages why not take advantage of that & get them into the school library! Even better if you have the time & ability to let the kiddos create their OWN trailers & post them to SchoolTube! Don't forget the teachers! Create signs with the hottest YA books for the teachers bathrooms, too! principal gently put the kibosh on this brilliant idea for our middle school bathrooms, and totally I see his point. Whether I like it or not, we're not BYOD yet, and our school district policy says middle schoolers must keep their cell phones in their