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Say Yes! To a School Instagram!

I was recently inspired by teacher librarian Ms. Diana Rendina , to create a professional Instagram account for our MHMS Daring School Library Media Center. Why should you consider it? “Go where your customers are” Here’s a quick look at the stats on Instagram. 200 Million monthly active users 13% of all internet users 51% of 2014 high school graduates use Instagram daily 23% of US teens consider Instagram their favorite social network 85% increase in global usage among teens from Q1 – Q3 last year 34% of US teens and millennials (14 – 34) use Instagram Our kiddos really are not much on Twitter (Shocking. I know, right?) they also think Facebook is sorta fuddyduddy (though they might have one, they don't "live" there) but almost every kid I've talked to lately is big into Instagram and Vine!  History Day in the Library w/ the Absolutely Awesome Alexandra! #HistoryDay @hcpss_mhms Ps. That's a record player! A photo posted by Gwyneth Jones